1. john Chesterfield john Chesterfield

    A Bitcoin is a commodity whose production is limited so it is not fiat.


    Agree with everything she said. I've read and listened to 100s of different descriptions of money, but she nailed it

  3. White Glove White Glove

    numismatic coin is a big red-flag….lol

  4. jose guzman jose guzman

    I like her arguments, but those paper charts are pretty annoying to look at; use PowerPoint or something

  5. Terri Terri

    Bitchin video!!!!!

  6. Terri Terri

    Thanks for having on Ms. Lynette!!! I absolutely LOVE listening to her!!!!

  7. Shady Pine Home - Capricorn Shady Pine Home - Capricorn

    I see Miss Zang is in the pink. There is no better guest than Miss Zang, thank you for having her on your channel.

  8. Nicholas Eff Nicholas Eff

    Stop referencing negative interest rates, the idea is nonsensical, its a euphemism for confiscation of your bank assets.

  9. Nicholas Eff Nicholas Eff

    Has anyone recently tried to obtain stock certificates from their broker?

  10. Renzokuken Leneyoyo Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    The 3 zealots (We all know who they are, the crypto pumpers) are most likely convulsing listening to sound criticism and honest dissertation "against" their digital Jesus…

  11. SamStam12 SamStam12

    Bitcoin is the one-world currency.

  12. Semantics Simple Semantics Simple

    I like Lynett Zang and I respect her. Where I disagree is with the crypto's. I like gold and silver. However the future is digital. Think about it prob over 90% of all global currency is already digital. It's digital fiat. Just as worthless as paper fiat except of course you could potentially burn paper for warmth. Two things to consider. 1st everyone will absolutely be conducting business in digital currency in the near future. It's the trend and everyone can easily see for them selves if they simply look. 2nd if you absolutely will be storing your economic energy in digital currency why not become familiar with crypto's? If one person says hey that makes sense, it will be at very least a month before they become slightly familiar with the cryptos. Do you want to be learning how to use digital crypto's in the midst of a crisis or would you prefer to be fully aware and transition seamlessly? And let's not forget Lynette's bias toward precious metal's. I believe in precious metal's 100%, precious metal's and crypto's are not competitor's they are allies. I own both and with small bet's I can actually convert crypto's in to precious metal's. Win win. You will not regret becoming familiar with crypto's but not being familiar could kill you. Lynett's fear's about crypto's are not completely unfounded, however she does not fully know or understand the nature of crypto's or she is intentionally spreading misinformation, either way she is not the person to be getting advice from on this subject. Shutting down the internet in India is not anything close to shutting down the internet in say the United states or Canada. If the internet went down in North America 95% of all business would have to shut their door's, and let's suppose you have been stacking gold, silver or cash what would it matter. You still wouldnt be able to buy necessities. Your prep's now must include crypto currency and a familiarity with how to use them.

  13. prospero prospero

    There you go again Lynette Zang….Talkin' all reasoned….and logical like….what next ZANG ?…..2+2 = 4 ! ! !   :>!

  14. Laika LG Laika LG

    Those who control the money system… Les Rothschild…

  15. Frasiercraig Frasiercraig

    What an amazing human being. Great interview as ever.

  16. mageew1 mageew1

    Folks I also think it's very, very wise to stock up on stuff and don't forget toilet tissue.  What is going in Venezuela ain't pretty.

  17. mageew1 mageew1

    I love Lynette's charts and I'm going to start using more cash.  I call her Lynette the Dragon slayer.


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