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    • avatar Dom Jervis 2

      That's how it's done. Started maxing out the IRA contributions in 1981 at age 22, and retired at the end of May 2014 with plenty of $ to last the rest of my Life, shortly before turning 56. Barring anything catastrophic, the rest of my Days will belong to me.

      BEAUTIFUL Eyes on that gal! :)

      • avatar EskiBoy 2

        The miracle of compound interest.

        • avatar Lance Rose 1

          Thanks informative and expressive.

          • avatar brian rhoades 1

            I'm 15 and you have truely helped me learn about finance. As I have saved well over 10,000!

            • avatar bhs4430 1

              This video is excellent! I started my 401k contributions at 19 making $11/hour. As I've promoted at my company, I've boosted my contribution and now, at 33, I contribute 25%. Staying out of debt keeps your income freed up to invest for yourself rather than a bank who takes it in the form of fees and interest. Start young. If your older, it's never too late to get it in gear! ✌🏼

              • avatar Simple Studio 1

                You should also invest separately from a retirement fund. Like index funds that don't have a limit.

                • avatar geewhiz747 2

                  what do you think about the vanguard total stock market?

                  • avatar Milly x X 1

                    God bless you this help me so much ! xxxx

                    • avatar guitarcountry1 1

                      Another great book is The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Or even better take a Financial Peace University Class. They are offered pretty much anywhere in the USA. Price around $100.

                      • avatar Talia 1

                        I have watched all of your videos so far I'm 23 and I have made alot of bad choices with credit cards early but now I'm alot smarter in that area I've opened a selflender account because of you! I don't have a tradtional 9 to 5 right now but i do have income what's the best company to get a Roth ira from?

                        • avatar Ryan Droidtech 1

                          I really like your video time are very important start investing money for retirement. I started investing $200 a month in 401k in my company when I was 26 years old. I have a question how old now when did you start investing money and how much money you put in each month.

                          • avatar D LG 1

                            This example assumes that these investors don't have access to an employer savings plan (401k, 403b, etc). These kinds of plans allow tax deferred contributions of up to $18,000 annually so, clearly, that's the way to go, as many employers will match a certain portion of your contributions as well (fee money). Having a Roth IRA in addition to the employer plan is great too because of the added tax benefits Roth IRAs offer (pay no taxes on withdrawals in retirement). Great video!

                            • avatar Cat 2

                              Do you have more book recommendations for financial subjects? I went straight to Amazon and got the Suze Orman on kindle.

                              • avatar NicoleXenia 2

                                My work has a system to put a percentage of income towards retirement before you even see it, I opted in when I started at age of 21 (I'm 24 this year so not too long ago) and always knew I should but watching this really encourages that decision.
                                Just discovered your videos and, even though this is based on American income and figures I still find it very insightful and just tweak where I need to for it to be applicable to my own living situation.
                                Easy to make sense of what you're saying and it's weirdly fascinating (weirdly because usually these kinds of things are so frustrating to wrap your mind around).
                                Your passion for the topics you discuss really comes through, which is fantastic.

                                • avatar Gerald Davis 1

                                  8 percent? what does 8 percent mean. Is it something that happened a long time ago.

                                  • avatar Vivian Aliu 2

                                    I wish I've started in my 20s. I'm 31 now but it's better to start now. Thanks for the video! You got a subscriber. :)

                                    • avatar Hefty Alan 1

                                      I didn't as I liked to drink and party throughout my 20's so I did not start until my 30's. The beauty of compound interest requires time. Luckily I have been more aggressive to get that time back. Anyone who wants a happy retirement should listen to this excellent advice. Believe me though if you want that time back you can but it will be costly but I partied hard in my 20's so I do not feel the need anymore which has definitely helped me. I could put 100% away if I wanted. A friend of mine started in his 20's and we are at a similar point but he has been nowhere near as aggressive as me as he has not needed to as started his when he was 23.

                                      • avatar gigglesmansonn 1

                                        Liked and subbed within one minute!

                                        • avatar Sister Valentine 1

                                          New sub☺