Why ‘Made in America’ is a Matter of National Security



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    • avatar Tim Lester 0

      Stop taxing business to hell, remove the minimum wage and all other jobs/business kills regulations.

      • avatar Phonzo Cisne 2

        we should open trade with our allies. Europe has some of the best stuff

        • avatar Lei Zheng 1

          Excuse me, does any one knows how to do this kind of video? Looks like simple but very persuasive.

          • avatar Néo Bourgeois Montecito 1

            I did all the work outperforming everyone, my body of work and experience is so vast no one can compete, even going out of the way for side journeys for extra points, like in a video game. Its just not even fair to hit life out the park so young. Know yourself chunky monkeys, I even wear my own products, I own the means of production. hahahaha:)

            • avatar theycallmeken 1

              Or if they supply faulty parts w/ known back doors

              • avatar lee gilbert 1

                FAKE NEWS AND CUCK
                hey Bloomberg are you sucking the popes cock
                bet the EU fucks you up the anus
                you are lie CNN a bunch of dogshit

                • avatar William Reed 1

                  Fuck you. These faggots want WAR. Stupid faggots. I would personaly take of all the heads of weapons manufactures myself. God willing. You faggots make WARS. Ok. You gonna get what you want. Just remember you gonna burn faggots burn.

                  • avatar Driven_Mx5 2

                    what do you expect….we don't educate our students to learn about science and computing and instead we keep talking about god. Incentivize that our students learn in the mathematical, computer, and science fields and we will invent and develop better and better technology. If another country makes the physical component it's not so bad if we created the idea. we own it. likewise develop better machines so our robots can make it here cheaper than china. come on usa….give up god and embrace science or you'll get left behind.

                    • avatar Flaviu Birouas 1

                      people need health care? better bomb some tents in the desert. best investment ever, isn't America the greatest?

                      • avatar Pragon Pariyavatkul 2

                        The only country that loves making a war is US..

                        • avatar Lawathe M. Eid لاوَذ ميثَم عيد 0

                          The continuous scientific progress is what matter for every nation.
                          example: Russian sold their SU-27 and its secrets revealed but till now they keep making the best aerodynamic fighters in the world.

                          • avatar moderatesunited 0

                            Slippery slope. Lou Dobbs says all protectionism is national security based. He would end all imports. Underwear would be a national security issue for that pos.

                            And we make the same amount of manufactured goods with less people.

                            Why allow domestic firms to have monopoly producing shit we'll never use? Stupid. Fuck the pentagon.

                            • avatar Star Lord 2

                              If the USA didn't fight so many wars it would have more to spend on its own people

                              • avatar Denker 0

                                Old stuff: http://tech.mit.edu/V109/N22/prod.22n.html

                                • avatar TheRandomTr011 1

                                  Trust trump to MAGA

                                  • avatar HOLDEN CAULFIELD 1

                                    It's all important Ofcourse, but I don't understand I thought you have enough weapons to destroy the earths population 100 times

                                    • avatar Jim Smith 2

                                      I totally agree with this but Companies should invest in robotics and automation in manufacturing!

                                      Humans can make the robots and you can tax per robot like bill gates wants to do!

                                      It'd be better Us than China. And we get to control our Intellectual Property as we export!

                                      • avatar Honest 어니스트 Fakazi 1