1. Jas L Land Jas L Land

    Because all markets are rigged by The Fed. I am sick of it. This government is totally corrupt to allow this to continue. The COMEX creates an endless supply of paper gold…….

  2. James Lee James Lee

    Do opposite what the fed say. To conquers deception we must do the opposite

  3. parker carbad parker carbad

    'gold is safe' has anybody actually thought mnuchin may have simply told his friends openly that it's the asset to buy ? no hidden meanings just exactly what he said ?

  4. ezrhino100 ezrhino100

    anytime is a good time to buy. prices are relatively solid. there's no rush though. i wouldn't bet on gold unwinding anytime soon. you are not going to be rich with gold. that's for sure.

  5. Colonic Stacker Colonic Stacker

    Is Clyde recommending the new Palladium Eagles?

  6. Kevin. Dickson Kevin. Dickson

    No one will buy their ass

  7. Teddy Jones Teddy Jones

    Mimaroo..your wrong 3 billion aint shet..when it comes to metals that's a drop in the ocean. When JP Morgan dropped 50 million shares at 17..they moved the market 20 cents that's it..industrial manipulation has the power to do that..

  8. Teddy Jones Teddy Jones

    Good to know..I don't think rocket man has anything to do with PM prices.buy now while it's on a low then after new year..good vid

  9. peter wright peter wright

    wouldnt believe a word they say they like playing people just keep stacking

  10. Silver Wolf Silver Wolf

    This is way I like collectable coins more then generic bullion, at least right now. It is much easier to determine a winner that will appreciate in value regardless of metal price. Trying to figure out which way the price of metals will be manipulated for small fry like us I think is a waste of time if you are looking for profits.

  11. Bubba Brother Bubba Brother

    3.3 billion contract dumped in 5 min, and you are talking ABOUT a MARKET ??? Guess what son, keep talking about MARKET, coz you are SPINNING at 1000 mph on your BALL !!


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