1. Ronnie Moore Ronnie Moore

    I see your problem it's like trying to wake the dead. Friends and people think we are stupid. Even if they understand . They hate the doom and gloom thanks good vid

  2. Teboho Faro Teboho Faro

    Do we have all the shows available on YouTube?

  3. Dingo bongo Dingo bongo


  4. Al - Sa - Him Al - Sa - Him

    hi good morning my name is Carlos rosas I woke up early to listen to you the audio video . great show . I have a question the dollars value is going down and the gold and silver is going up . I am planning on buying gold and silver small quantity, back to the question where would I stored it in the bank in a safe box . or should I keep it at home and stored it and then sell it for more money or just keep it . ? don't know what to do please can you help me with some advice. thank you Carlos Rosas. looking forward to hear from you .

  5. carlos garcia carlos garcia

    Mr. kiyosaki and Rich dad team
    I haveGreat Respect to your work , empowering humanity with financial education which
    it's my #1 asset" understand
    cash flow & gold/silver as insurance policy it makes a lot sense , I always " thank you for sharing " good luck to all of you!

  6. Jisuh Lee Jisuh Lee

    Get off the Youtube Robert Kiyosaki. You are spineless with no moral fibre AH!!!!

  7. Ryan Moyer Ryan Moyer

    Great video! I just subscribed the other day and have been going through many of the videos that this channel offers. Great value here! I'm off to do some more research and possibly buy afterwards!


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