Why Credit Cards Are A Scam – Honest Ads



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    • avatar Drool Alot 1

      I haven't had a credit card in 12 years…. Fool me once…….. Not again fcks

      • avatar kori harrismon 0

        I'm 100k in debt but I'm not worried about it. I will pass the debt onto my offsprings whom i will not see after I'm long gone. Muahahahaha I'm an e-vil mofo

        • avatar HeadBangerAust 1

          There is a reason I don't have a credit card. This video basically explains it and more

          • avatar Pharaoh Misa 1

            This hurts me on a personal level.

            • avatar ですへんたい 1

              This is literally the ship in the first part of Kaiji, where you get you debt paid off but then you either get another 6 million yen ($50Kusd) or get sent somewhere to do forced labour and never come back

              • avatar hollow vlad 2

                Remind me to max out like 50 credit cards right before I die lol

                • avatar Tony 1

                  They should make kids watch this at schools!

                  • avatar melelconquistador 2

                    0:57 debit cards old man

                    • avatar Georgia 1

                      There is this thing called debit card, you know, where you use your own money to buy things.

                      • avatar tabrej hussain 1

                        all credit card company and pvt bank is fraud in india

                        • avatar working shlub 1

                          the working poor play the lottery and do pay day loans=staying poor…..middle class live off credit cards and get car loans thay cant afford=staying broke….the rich do neither=smart.

                          • avatar Orhan Karamov 1

                            Btw Jews own credit card companies :)

                            • avatar Zeel Patel 1

                              The only logical reason to get a credit cards is if you plan on paying off the balance in FULL. if you dont then dont get one and tell people that credit cards are evil

                              • avatar ArkinMC 1

                                Guess what, there was a commercial before the video started… About credits! Seems like a bad joke to me :D

                                • avatar TheRedRaccoonDog 1

                                  So, uh, question. Why don't people just use bank cards instead then?