1. Drool Alot Drool Alot

    I haven't had a credit card in 12 years…. Fool me once…….. Not again fcks

  2. kori harrismon kori harrismon

    I'm 100k in debt but I'm not worried about it. I will pass the debt onto my offsprings whom i will not see after I'm long gone. Muahahahaha I'm an e-vil mofo

  3. HeadBangerAust HeadBangerAust

    There is a reason I don't have a credit card. This video basically explains it and more

  4. Pharaoh Misa Pharaoh Misa

    This hurts me on a personal level.

  5. ですへんたい ですへんたい

    This is literally the ship in the first part of Kaiji, where you get you debt paid off but then you either get another 6 million yen ($50Kusd) or get sent somewhere to do forced labour and never come back

  6. hollow vlad hollow vlad

    Remind me to max out like 50 credit cards right before I die lol

  7. Tony Tony

    They should make kids watch this at schools!

  8. melelconquistador melelconquistador

    0:57 debit cards old man

  9. Georgia Georgia

    There is this thing called debit card, you know, where you use your own money to buy things.

  10. tabrej hussain tabrej hussain

    all credit card company and pvt bank is fraud in india

  11. working shlub working shlub

    the working poor play the lottery and do pay day loans=staying poor…..middle class live off credit cards and get car loans thay cant afford=staying broke….the rich do neither=smart.

  12. Orhan Karamov Orhan Karamov

    Btw Jews own credit card companies 🙂

  13. Zeel  Patel Zeel Patel

    The only logical reason to get a credit cards is if you plan on paying off the balance in FULL. if you dont then dont get one and tell people that credit cards are evil

  14. ArkinMC ArkinMC

    Guess what, there was a commercial before the video started… About credits! Seems like a bad joke to me 😀

  15. TheRedRaccoonDog TheRedRaccoonDog

    So, uh, question. Why don't people just use bank cards instead then?


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