1. Jeff Thayer Jeff Thayer

    never……will just bounce around from 14 – 18….forever. nobody's been right yet. all speculation

  2. Paul L Paul L

    I've been around for 7 decades and have experienced a number of economic downturns, upturns, and quite a few bubbles. In my view, the current state of financials, and bubble based economies is the worst in my lifetime. Bitcoin is another bubble in the making. It has no real value, massive third party risk, wouldn't invest in it at all. I have silver, I like silver, it's fun to own, has value and a great way to save some money. It's always there if you have to sell. If it goes higher great, if it doesn't relax, enjoy life and believe only half of what you read and hear. Be your own best advisor. Happy stacking everyone.`

  3. Mike Trafford Mike Trafford

    You can't eat gold or silver, or use it to buy non-existent food. Even if the food is available, if the prices of gold and silver rise, so will the price of food. Arable, watered land, planted to fruit, vegetables and fowl is the best investment.

  4. The Morgan Report The Morgan Report

    So many are worn out today. The adage never sell a quiet market.



    India, China and Russia are purchasing more Silver than the mines can produce. World Debt, Derivatives and the bubble economy. I expect Governments to crack down on Crypto, because they can't control it, they like control.
    The NWO, seem to be pushing the world into a Venezuela scenario. I am not saying Silver is the answer, but I believe my small stack of Silver to be a wise hedge against the next crash, which could be bigger than any previous crash.

    Don't look at this as a get rich scheme, it's more of a way to survive what is coming.

  6. Lydon Sipe Lydon Sipe

    Hey Mike, are you going to be joining Dave at X22 Report and posting your videos on Steemit?

  7. Liber 8 Liber 8

    Isn't this an old video??? I'm sure I saw this a long time ago! Disappointing!!

  8. dboy6400 dboy6400

    Mike is my go to guy for staying informed. One nit to pick- I wish the 1980 silver price would not be used as a reference point, it was a one-off abnormal event that caused it.

  9. Clumsy Dad Clumsy Dad

    Hey, great episode… I thought this was going to be a lot of hype, but actually there were a lot of good points/info,,, wow

  10. Clumsy Dad Clumsy Dad

    that is true to, that as long as the economy limps ahead and copper/lead mines are going, silver is still coming in, at a modest rate, but if a big depression hits and mining is abandoned, then the input will dry up… good discussion

  11. Clumsy Dad Clumsy Dad

    it is kinda like, why isn't silver worth more… that's a good point that when gold because obscenely pricey, silver is going to be hot as HELL… that has to be true

  12. sarge27271 sarge27271

    @MikeMaloney: With the ubiquitous nature of silver in our daily toys, when do you think the big boys: Samsung, Apple, LG, etc will place huge, I mean "huger" orders for silver? If availability becomes an issue, eventually the laws of offer and demand will kick in, no? These guys must already be using millions of ounces (each) a year as we speak. With silver being touted in these "new electrics" (zero energy, photovoltaic, etc) physical demand is bound to increase. (Unless we are not being told the true amount of available silver?) I think one of the big boys will eventually wake up and start the "running of the Ag".
    From a manufacturer's standpoint, every dollar more per ounce will translate into either reduced profits, or higher selling prices, either of which are not good for business. Especially when competition is tougher and tougher. What do you think Mike? Cheers

  13. rifleman 1000 rifleman 1000

    In the video I don't hear them talk about what happens to the price of silver if the economy tanks causing the production of products that use silver to be cut way back? Maybe people that jump on the silver train will make up for it?
    Then again, maybe people that would buy the silver as a hedge wouldn't be able to afford it because of loss of jobs or losing money in the stock market.

  14. TheOlddantucker TheOlddantucker

    Yes its better to have gold and silver in a view country s,i am just back today from my second home in Turkey i have there also like in the Netherlands gold and silver.

  15. Laid_Ba ck_Cock Laid_Ba ck_Cock

    gold is a ponzi


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