1. MSgt101 MSgt101

    Hey man. I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to go and get my security license for Illinois. I figured out that living right across the river over in St. Louis I can go apply for my license to work security in Illinois. I have been a sub since day one and your points have helped me figure out where I want to go with it and what but and what not to buy

  2. skyhigh productions skyhigh productions

    i like your strong firm voice!! i hope you use it to your advantage!

  3. Brandon_ 7.62x39 Brandon_ 7.62x39

    Yeah I used to do that "unarmed" security as a loss prevention specialists. Unarmed wink wink
    At the time, that wasn't only against policy, but also not legal, but I never died, got caught or shot anyone so it worked out

  4. taha ali taha ali

    I recently transitioned from plain clothes LP work to hospital security. I carry a larger flashlight (6.6 inches length) for parking lot patrols and because we can't carry impact weapons so it comes in as a last resort. The problem I'm having is finding a case/pouch for it. So far they've either been too small or too big. I currently have it in a cheap Velcro case which is alright but I prefer hardened molded gear with a snap closure. Any suggestions?

  5. Shervano Mackey Shervano Mackey

    cuff and light

  6. Shervano Mackey Shervano Mackey

    u are security

  7. Christian Sandridge Christian Sandridge

    Love the video you've got here, very informative! I'm looking to get a job in the field of unarmed security and I am looking into taking a training course with those who have done and specialize in teaching unarmed security. I have an extensive background in martial arts and I am partial to moves that restrain an attacker. Would you say having martial arts experience is a positive thing going into this line of work or is it more of a detriment? I hope you are doing well and that life is going great!

  8. juan gonzalez juan gonzalez

    I do security at festivals during the summer. Now these fests could be called raves and not be far from the truth, but they are not raves. We typically dress in all black (great when it's 90 out) and wear black vests that say security on the front and back. We also wear as many gaudy festival pins as we can. These help with people that are pretty far out there on various hallucinogens because we seem more like a friendly colorful object instead of an imposing security guy. It has definitely helped on more then one occasion when a new guy with nothing on his vest is having a difficult time and someone who has done it for awhile comes up and takes over. Sure it could be partly because the new guy doesn't have a clue how to handle them yet, but we are pretty sure it's the pins.

  9. chad marquette chad marquette

    hey brother, I've had friends of my start watching your videos and we all agree that it's awesome that someone has finally taken the time to do no BS vids that make sense and are actually informative….thanks, be safe and look forward to seeing more vids.

  10. Tom F Park Tom F Park

    Here in Canada, if you so much make a fucking toot with anything, you'll be fired if it's hands on. I save a guy with a cracked skull and a guy trying to off himself which is nice. The job is mostly nothing.


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