Trump U-turns on Russian security deal, Oculus price falls

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        TRUMP 2028

        • avatar Not Royal Skyline 1

          TRUMP 2024

          • avatar FastLikeUNO 2

            Oculus sucks anyways, get the Vive.

            • avatar Horst Wessel 2

              Trump 2020

              • avatar MidnightSun1986 1

                If I only waited two weeks to buy my oculus…oh well, it's worth the previous price imo

                • avatar Edit Halk 1

                  "Russia may have hacked our election, lets let them work on our cyber security so it doesn't happen again!" shit like this is why you can't take trump seriously, which is a problem since he is the president. also I would buy an occulus is I can get fallout 4 vr on it

                  • avatar tiburonroano 1

                    Russia did you hack our elections? I talked to Russia and they said we don't need cyber protection.

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                        It's called: The Art of the Deal.

                        And what the hell does this have to do with technology news?

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                            TRUMP 2020

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                              ronald chump