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      • avatar Fritz Wunderlich 1

        One of the issues is the trust for existing model

        • avatar Lisa Winters 1

          Wonderful Ideas and inspiring outcomes.

          • avatar Sebastião Dias 1

            Eu tenho muito orgulho de conhecer esse professor, grande mestre, exime conhecedor das causas e soluções sociais. Parabéns!!!!

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                jutasatk bortonbe Orban roman ciganyt. legizfi abirokat korukt geci faszopo rakos hajon meg.

                • avatar Marie-Yolaine Eusebe 1

                  Thank you!

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                    • avatar PacificCircle1 2

                      Non-Profit does not equal NGO. The capitalist model does not work on all issues.

                      • avatar Jordao Arao 1


                        • avatar Gary Host 1

                          Horrible Bullshit!

                          • avatar Lisa Lou 2


                            • avatar Yonatan Weinberg 1

                              Probably one of the best approaches to really empower a community.

                              • avatar yiosifn 2

                                Yiorgos – This is a really amazing and inspiring story and very well done

                                • avatar Nader Water 1

                                  wow, I never thought about it like this. Rise Up & Care seems like they are trying to make a difference!

                                  • avatar Hannah Todd 1

                                    Rise Up is redefining the charity model. Love it! I can't wait to see the full documentaries!

                                    • avatar omar raslan 1

                                      As a student of Bowman's, I cannot express how grateful I am to him for what he has taught me outside of the class room in such a short amount of time. His kind heart is illuminated in his speech and he always knows the right things to say. I remember him sharing with his students about this organization and even showing us the final moments of the young kids match who is now nationally ranked I believe in badminton. His work is inspiring and intentions are pure. Keep up the wonderful work Professor.

                                      • avatar Matt DeJonge 1

                                        Great talk Dr. Bowman! Innovative thoughts that will hopefully catch on with more people and more organizations.

                                        • avatar lizsoos 0

                                          A beautiful story and example of the potential local communities have within themselves

                                          • avatar Sarah Nehf 2

                                            Great talk, Bowman! I think this is a really smart strategy. I will definitely pass this along to my social work colleagues. :):):)