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    • avatar Ryan Ruberry 1

      Is Douglas Fer a tree?

      • avatar Albert Y. 1

        Really enjoy and learned from your videos. I recently opened a Robinhood account and Acorns account for long, passive (ETFs) investing. What's your take on those two. What I am not too happy about is the monthly or annual fee Acorns charge. Though I won't be charge for the next 4 years, I am concerned about their 0.25% annual fee on +$5,000 accounts.

        • avatar asrao316 1

          Holy crap now we have youtube finance gurus…load of BS scammers will kill people's money in this country.

          • avatar Laurie Udall 2

            Thanks Ricky… I'm down over 7% on AMD, time to average down (which I normally don't do). Greetings from Gilbert! Great Video!

            • avatar Dustin Moore 2

              New intro is baller

              • avatar Chris Chanthavong 1

                I'm new to the whole stocks thing… What program is this and how do I get it?

                • avatar Hans Ooms 2

                  Thanks Ricky you and another trading course have helped me learn to the point where I'm now consistently profitable and am up 1000 on a 6000 account

                  • avatar Average Joe Investing 1

                    I have AMD as a buy this month too, it's running relatively low so it's a good time to buy and swing trade.
                    ~Investing YouTuber huge YouTube experiment coming next Thursday!

                    • avatar Milton Hart 2

                      Can you tell us about NADEX?

                      • avatar VOZHD 1

                        may you please put a link for a pdf file or an excel file of your charts that you use on excel to quickly give the percentages in loss and margins for profit

                        • avatar Maria alexander 1

                          There is no royal road to success, but after success every road becomes royal, best wishes for those who has been trading with Mr william and i pray that allah should bless Mr williams for helping so many trader's achieve the dreams of there life i have never seen such a honest trade exper

                          • avatar Spektrum Trader 1

                            Love the new intro Ricky!