1. Ryan Ruberry Ryan Ruberry

    Is Douglas Fer a tree?

  2. Albert Y. Albert Y.

    Really enjoy and learned from your videos. I recently opened a Robinhood account and Acorns account for long, passive (ETFs) investing. What's your take on those two. What I am not too happy about is the monthly or annual fee Acorns charge. Though I won't be charge for the next 4 years, I am concerned about their 0.25% annual fee on +$5,000 accounts.

  3. asrao316 asrao316

    Holy crap now we have youtube finance gurus…load of BS scammers will kill people's money in this country.

  4. Laurie Udall Laurie Udall

    Thanks Ricky… I'm down over 7% on AMD, time to average down (which I normally don't do). Greetings from Gilbert! Great Video!

  5. Dustin Moore Dustin Moore

    New intro is baller

  6. Chris Chanthavong Chris Chanthavong

    I'm new to the whole stocks thing… What program is this and how do I get it?

  7. Hans Ooms Hans Ooms

    Thanks Ricky you and another trading course have helped me learn to the point where I'm now consistently profitable and am up 1000 on a 6000 account

  8. Average Joe Investing Average Joe Investing

    I have AMD as a buy this month too, it's running relatively low so it's a good time to buy and swing trade.
    ~Investing YouTuber huge YouTube experiment coming next Thursday!

  9. Milton Hart Milton Hart

    Can you tell us about NADEX?


    may you please put a link for a pdf file or an excel file of your charts that you use on excel to quickly give the percentages in loss and margins for profit

  11. Maria alexander Maria alexander

    There is no royal road to success, but after success every road becomes royal, best wishes for those who has been trading with Mr william and i pray that allah should bless Mr williams for helping so many trader's achieve the dreams of there life i have never seen such a honest trade exper

  12. Spektrum Trader Spektrum Trader

    Love the new intro Ricky!


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