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    • avatar Vicki Ve 1

      This was a great inspiring video. Thank you for taking the time to make this and encourage other on a site that is filled with lies, scams and boring information that not everyone can understand. I have bought books, downloaded apps and am on my way to being a knowledgeable and successful trader. I'm not giving up. Thanks again!!! Keep 'em coming!

      • avatar Roscoe Alexander 1

        Thank you. This was inspiring! I will take your words to heart.

        • avatar Henry Rubin 0

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          • avatar Sophia Mason 1

            Hey, so encouraged with your words. have subscribed, keep posting. thanks

            • avatar Shaun Masi 1

              This is a very informative video. I felt for once someone was trying to teach from the heart. With no affiliate links to make money. Thank you sir!

              • avatar Chad Calvert 2

                Great, honest video. Subbed.

                • avatar George Kelly 1

                  Making pips! Exactly!

                  • avatar Bayo aloaye 1

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                    • avatar Brandon Hilton 1

                      Video is now ancient… Yikes

                      • avatar James B. Garibay 1

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                        • avatar David Alditory 1

                          Video is help and encouraging,Thank you man!

                          • avatar chrisg0524 1

                            It's crazy seeing so many people mad at the markets in the comments section.

                            • avatar Emma Soulsby 2

                              What a lovely guy, thanks for your input, I've taken on your comments, and will be doing as much homework as possible until the day I begin trading out of demo! :)

                              • avatar NRG 0

                                One of the most honest videos out there. This guy is dope

                                • avatar Nick Raymond 1

                                  thanks for the motivation! great video

                                  • avatar Dub Yuh 1

                                    i've been trading the stock market and have grown my 500 account to 2k+. I want to consider forex because it look compelling, low commissions, easier to make money on small account like mine.
                                    So what are indicators of what direction the move will go on Forex? Does it have level 2 action, their is no float to look at? How do you determine?
                                    Thank you for anyone who answers!

                                    • avatar Samuel Henrique 1

                                      Great video man! thanks

                                      • avatar Michael Ziadeh 1

                                        Thank you for your honesty…very refreshing

                                        • avatar Robert Goss 1

                                          Thank you Laurence for your honest review. These are hard to come by. I want to trade. I have been chasing this idea for a few years now and I plan to make it happen. I can see the traps in the road, but I feel that this is what I want to do for making money. Plus, I like the thrill of the market. The energy. The money is good, but I want to FEEL the joy of KNOWING what I'm doing. Then I can pick it up, and walk with it!!!

                                          • avatar Rinalds Dailide 1

                                            Nice video I like it.