Swing vs. Day Trading – Which is Better?



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    • avatar Tour Gordon 0

      Thanks :)

      • avatar Daniel Martin 1

        I was a day trading and now I am a swing trader what it is make me better day trader, I have to say that this information it is very poor.

        • avatar Cj Ranz 1

          Sasha you eluded to the different market conditions that are good for day trading and swing trading or staying out all together, have you made a video that expands on that because that I would definitely like to see. Great videos btw, learning lots, ty.

          • avatar Ruben Torres 1

            Look at the camera.

            • avatar Fallou sene 1

              good vid

              • avatar Agent 2288 1

                Very informative. Subscribed

                • avatar Valon Beka 1

                  Sasha you are great! I enjoy watching every video you post.. please keep doing what you do.. thanks a lot

                  • avatar Cheeky Farmer 1

                    • avatar Vladimr Phelps 0

                      Could you make a video of like your trading office tour and what your set up looks like? Also, a video on like your back round and what got you interested in trading stocks and how you first got started.

                      • avatar Marvin Ward 1

                        Also, I've heard of automatic trading programs like c trader. Does that really work?

                        • avatar Marvin Ward 0

                          I've heard of penalties for buying and selling with the same company within 30 days. How does that work?

                          • avatar jk 1

                            swing is king

                            • avatar Ben Claar 1

                              I really love your videos – but your not really looking at the camera, you should be looking at the lens not so far to the left

                              • avatar Alex K 1

                                Swing trading requires more research and DD in regards to your investment IMO. I'd research the company extensively and constantly be googling or reading news feeds in regards to said company. Id want to know of pending mergers, whats in said companies pipeline etc, etc. I tried my hand at day trading and I feel like I got too emotional and constantly made bad decisions/choices. If you are prone to anxiety or have issues with attentiveness/focus, DO NOT attempt to day trade. You have to be cool, calm, and devoid of emotional swings. Thats just my personal experience. I made quite a but of money swing trading and lost quite a bit day trading. I found my niche, which is a more informative, albeit relaxed approach to trading.