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  2. pat pat

    Live to work or work to live? Work all your life if you like your job, I suppose. We are choosing to stretch our dollar and move to Mexico, perhaps. We've learned a lot about making a dollar go further in Mexico on the #jerrybrowntravels Youtube channel. Worth checking out and considering. Or perhaps Thailand.

  3. Joey Stickfigure Joey Stickfigure


  4. Nibbler800 Nibbler800

    I'd love to see this kind of advice adapted for UK residents.

  5. 3231952224 3231952224

    You cant work til 68 cuz you will be replaced by HB visas immigrants, or robots.

  6. Anderson Miller Anderson Miller

    so true Ms Orman God bless

  7. D LG D LG

    Work until you're practically dead? That's your advice? You must be joking. If you're so goddamn smart, Suze, come up with a better solution than that. I'll be retired no later than 62 with plenty of cash because I save 35% of my income, and I only earn $58k / year. There are so many easy tips you could have given people on how to save more and invest it wisely, but instead you wasted the time talking about complete bullsh-t…utterly useless.

  8. regina cameron regina cameron

    great points amd advice i just need to get these students loans off.

  9. joseph dymarczyk joseph dymarczyk

    tell that to someone that works in construction

  10. Catercuzin Catercuzin

    I actually met Suzi she helped me retire at 46. I have no house payment , no car payment. live in Silicon Valley.

  11. Mitzi73 Mitzi73

    No way am I working past 63-64. I am planning a 30 yr. retirement. At about age 85 I am taking up skydiving to speed up the process.

  12. inkey2 inkey2

    Who the hell want's to wait to retire at 68……and more important….what employer will even keep you on that long

  13. fit4ya1975 fit4ya1975

    I retire at 44, everyone says "OMG what are you going to do, you have to get another job!!" Im like " Im going to do whatever I want". Thats theTypical American mentality work til you die.
    Quit spending money on ridiculous useless things and you can retire early and have plenty of cash…

  14. Douglas Melzer Douglas Melzer

    An interesting approach.

  15. Red Pill77 Red Pill77

    Tmmr not promise……..spend spend spend


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