1. notyourname notyourlastname notyourname notyourlastname

    Wait it sold in Japan?


  2. KC NotQuiteHD KC NotQuiteHD

    What is the beautiful background music playing during the latter half of the video

  3. 557deadpool 557deadpool

    at least Chivalry of a Failed Knight was good

  4. eli fretty eli fretty

    Added a scene from kodomo no jikan I guess it fits with what you were talking about

  5. Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer

    I think you mean, 'Stop killing your female leads'.

  6. Bob Bobby Bob Bobby

    Licking someones face isn't a small flirtatious gesture…

    But anyways I don't think the thing is a statement against all the usual bad animes. It's just whatever and I don't think it's important. I don't think the fact that it is whatever is important.

  7. Alex Davis Alex Davis

    I liked SukaSuka, but it felt so damn slow. I hope they continue the show because they ended it right when it started to get interesting. That Scarborough Fair cover song though.

  8. John Ohno John Ohno

    I'm glad somebody's talking about this show. Because it's awesome.

    (Also, I watched both SukaSuka and Akashic Records weekly, and there were some interesting parallels — with similar events occurring during literally the same episode numbers. And that only makes the vast gulf with regard to quality between them much more obvious.)

  9. Mathwiz97X Mathwiz97X

    I guess I should give this series another shot. That very scene you brought up at the end is what made me drop the show. The general setup was somewhat interesting, and while I wasn't particularly invested in the story or characters, I might at least get a decent viewing experience out of resuming it.

    Even if I don't pick it back up, the perspective of someone who has seen an abundance of other light novel adaptations at least makes me appreciate something about what the show offers (as I myself am not entirely familiar with these light novel trappings beyond what I've seen in other videos like this).

  10. Angra Mainyu Angra Mainyu

    Am I the only one who feels that Akashic Records is really underrated? I mean sure it's popular on Crunchyroll, however try to find a review on Youtube and see if any get past a thousand views. All you really see is first impressions and episodic reviews, but nothing covering the series as a whole.

  11. E .Ali E .Ali

    This made me really want to watch suka suka now it's all spoiled cri

  12. Grant Riordon Grant Riordon

    Finally, we get someone highlighting SukaSuka! Such a good anime!

  13. Spelled Right Samurai Spelled Right Samurai

    Well you sold me on that show. I'll watch it next. GG TPR

  14. Code Blaze Fate Code Blaze Fate

    When it comes to incompetent and/or repellent LN adaptations
    •Incompetent = The Asterisk War
    •Repellent = Akashic Records
    •Both = Mahouka


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