1. Asali Balali Asali Balali

    but then again you could be investing 10grand and making a 100 a day but the day that 10grand plummets for what ever reason then your daily struggles of amounting a day have gone to waste.

  2. Anil Pereira Anil Pereira

    Hi and a big thank you, Claytrader. In effect what you are postulating is a principle and that is, in the stock markets we speak in percentage terms and not absolute terms, if i may….thank you sir for the reiteration. you are doing a good job.

  3. Droopi Barows Droopi Barows

    very realistic for beginners

  4. onlyeatapples onlyeatapples

    do you think the goal of starting with 500$ and making 1000 in a month is possible

  5. Ariana Ari Ariana Ari

    Making my life easier, thank you!

  6. James Wellington James Wellington

    Hey Clay, I'm a student studying music at university. I have a good amount of money for my age and want to start trading so I can afford the things I want in life long term and short term. I work part time but I'm very dedicated to music, I'm starting to gig and make good money from it also but I just want to trade to have something on the side that makes me some nice figures. But I'm afraid to fail, I have a lot of common sense and have been with you 100% on a lot of the things you've said and taking notes. Do you have any pointers?

  7. Masterof Magic Masterof Magic

    you explains me very well.

  8. bigceej69 bigceej69

    what stocks do you guys recommend? and what programmes is pro real time good?

  9. Hackie Mercadal Hackie Mercadal

    are these principles applicable to all markets worlwide? I live in the Philippines.

  10. Forex Tutorial For Beginner Forex Tutorial For Beginner

    All trader should learn how to trade before to deposit money on forex

  11. Lola Akin Lola Akin

    please can you recommend a good broker for a novice?

  12. Wiss Kid Wiss Kid

    i have a question! I know it might sound stupid. but can you end up oweing money? lets say i have a 100$ but my stocks fall, can i end up losing more then the 100$ i used at the beginning?

  13. ಶ್ರೀಪತಿ ಗೋಗಡಿಗೆ ಶ್ರೀಪತಿ ಗೋಗಡಿಗೆ

    nice explain 😉

  14. Atta Gurl Atta Gurl

    There is no reason you can't start with $100! If the fee is $7/trade, buy 10-20 shares of $2-$3 stocks and wait for th to grow…. meanwhile, put in $25/week and at the next hundred buy more. Before long, you're investing- the key is to START

  15. sengchanh hoong sengchanh hoong

    Very helpful. Thanks very much.

  16. Paul Watts Paul Watts

    If I won't to make 2000 a month what would you recommend putting in

  17. Samir Orellana Samir Orellana

    Good Math class.

  18. Ace catcher Ace catcher

    How has the stock market treated you and how much many have you made if you don't mind answering?

  19. Nayan Mipun Nayan Mipun

    apr 15, 2017, What is your profit consistency in terms of percentage,


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