Stock Market Training: How Much Money Do I Need To Trade Stocks / Options?

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    • avatar Asali Balali 2

      but then again you could be investing 10grand and making a 100 a day but the day that 10grand plummets for what ever reason then your daily struggles of amounting a day have gone to waste.

      • avatar Anil Pereira 1

        Hi and a big thank you, Claytrader. In effect what you are postulating is a principle and that is, in the stock markets we speak in percentage terms and not absolute terms, if i may….thank you sir for the reiteration. you are doing a good job.

        • avatar Droopi Barows 1

          very realistic for beginners

          • avatar onlyeatapples 1

            do you think the goal of starting with 500$ and making 1000 in a month is possible

            • avatar Ariana Ari 1

              Making my life easier, thank you!

              • avatar James Wellington 1

                Hey Clay, I'm a student studying music at university. I have a good amount of money for my age and want to start trading so I can afford the things I want in life long term and short term. I work part time but I'm very dedicated to music, I'm starting to gig and make good money from it also but I just want to trade to have something on the side that makes me some nice figures. But I'm afraid to fail, I have a lot of common sense and have been with you 100% on a lot of the things you've said and taking notes. Do you have any pointers?

                • avatar Masterof Magic 1

                  you explains me very well.

                  • avatar bigceej69 1

                    what stocks do you guys recommend? and what programmes is pro real time good?

                    • avatar Hackie Mercadal 2

                      are these principles applicable to all markets worlwide? I live in the Philippines.

                      • avatar Forex Tutorial For Beginner 1

                        All trader should learn how to trade before to deposit money on forex

                        • avatar Lola Akin 1

                          please can you recommend a good broker for a novice?

                          • avatar Wiss Kid 1

                            i have a question! I know it might sound stupid. but can you end up oweing money? lets say i have a 100$ but my stocks fall, can i end up losing more then the 100$ i used at the beginning?

                            • avatar ಶ್ರೀಪತಿ ಗೋಗಡಿಗೆ 1

                              nice explain ;)

                              • avatar Atta Gurl 1

                                There is no reason you can't start with $100! If the fee is $7/trade, buy 10-20 shares of $2-$3 stocks and wait for th to grow…. meanwhile, put in $25/week and at the next hundred buy more. Before long, you're investing- the key is to START

                                • avatar sengchanh hoong 2

                                  Very helpful. Thanks very much.

                                  • avatar Paul Watts 1

                                    If I won't to make 2000 a month what would you recommend putting in

                                    • avatar Samir Orellana 1

                                      Good Math class.

                                      • avatar Ace catcher 1

                                        How has the stock market treated you and how much many have you made if you don't mind answering?

                                        • avatar Nayan Mipun 1

                                          apr 15, 2017, What is your profit consistency in terms of percentage,