1. Eric P Eric P

    This strategy is for the elderly or people that are already wealthy. If you are investing in dividend stocks, then maybe your children will someday be rich off your holdings.

  2. Khan Hossain Khan Hossain

    The benefit to waiting on a stock that doesn't pay a dividend is the huge profit one gains when it increases in price. true it's speculation, but if proven to be true the reward will be worth it. that's why I'm waiting on Berkshire Hathaway to increase in a few years lol

  3. java2403 java2403

    Always refreshing to hear his strategies. .. They keep it simple. Keep us in check

  4. Gateway 17 Gateway 17

    Common sense investing.

  5. richj011 richj011

    Best advice about investing is simply time and reinvesting dividends (D.R.I.P.) Here's 10 stocks that would make a nice portfolio. 1. JNJ 2. MO 3. PM 4. LMT 5. MMM 6. O Realty 7. ECL 8. STZ 9. VZ 10. CHD (They make trojan condoms among other things)

  6. Devon Allary Devon Allary

    Dividends should not be a deciding factor when investing. Consider REITs or fixed income investments, which have higher yields than, but consistently under perform equity. I think that O'Leary's philosophy is better described as value investing, i.e. buying companies based on current earnings as opposed to projected earnings. Also, there's no guarantee that a company will continue to pay dividends. It's ability to pay dividends will depend on the market and the company's fundamentals, which are the first places you should look.

  7. Financial Information Financial Information

    Dividend stocks are the way to go once you have the enough capital to invest. And he made a great point saying that what matters to investors is free cash flow.

  8. reese_ ks reese_ ks

    This is good but he's in a wealth preservation mindset. Not like average person has 100M to preserve. Dividends are good, but need growth as well to make good returns. end of story

  9. Yael Daniel Yael Daniel

    Thank God for your mother now her wisdom has maker live in all who heard this. Thank you for sharing.

  10. chris stephenson chris stephenson
  11. dwf dwf dwf dwf

    Yep Give Kevin all your money that's how he got rich to start with now he just wants more

  12. trev varn trev varn

    well if you invested into netflix when they first hit the market a 10g investment would be a couple of mill. with no div.

  13. Mani Norbit Mani Norbit

    wouldn't the risk be higher with diversification?

  14. spartyon89 spartyon89

    i know some of the words they said

  15. Dividend Investor! Dividend Investor!

    Great video! Dividends are truly the way to go. Like a snowball accumulating snow faster and faster with every turn! I started a channel weeks ago and make 2 videos a week, be sure to check them out and subscribe! Cheers 🙂


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