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    • avatar cookie monster 1

      Wow this helped a ton thanks!!

      • avatar Luis Fuentes 2

        Thank you much!

        • avatar Christopher Fernandez 1

          Amazing information! I'm a credit card collections manager for a large multi national bank and because we do not have collateral, we essentially are in the business of selling the benefits of paying a past due bill. This information resonates so well with me and I'm actually going to use it to help my newest trainee start to learn the ropes of effective team leadership. I'll be downloading the book as well.

          • avatar lr tandon 0

            Thank you very much for your valuable inputs. I am from operations background now taking up sales role! I am hopeful that this video wud help me a lot.

            • avatar Katrina Marie 1

              that was awesome well said to the point VERY detailed and u just provided necessary info. I have an interview tmrw and I needed this. I may have to play it over and over so I won't forget key points but wish me luck! I will try to remember to follow up about the job interview!! :)

              • avatar Vivid J 1

                This was definitely helpful !!! I subscribed ;) you are awesome !

                • avatar Erica Franklin 1

                  This was awesome!