Resumes and Cover Letters: Advice from Real Recruiters with FindSpark

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    • avatar DoomTrooperTV 1

      Dear LORD the girl on the left is T H I C C

      • avatar Shashi Singh 1

        Wasted 20 min of my life.

        • avatar RealRavenCorps 1

          Hi folks here we have a bunch of Liberals spewing a bunch on nonsense and talking points. We just want to know how cool you are and how you can impress us. We don't care about the things that will actually make you a good worker. Let's tell them how much passion you have for being a truck driver, factory worker, or construction worker. Ya right! Here's my fake resume, cover letter, and answers I got off google for you. I picked the uber liberal ones to show my passion and energy of how I love to sit in a cubicle all day with all the other sheep.

          • avatar Recruitment Gulf 1

            Listening to them made me feel depressed and sick in the stomach, so process oriented with no real skills. I wouldn't spend 20-30% on foundation questions to identify if he is the right fit for the role. I would spend 100% full undivided attention finding out what made the candidate tick!!!

            • avatar Resume Experts by 1

              great quotes and good messages. We love it. But, why not investing a few bucks into a tripod? Would make the video more stable ad stand out even more.

              Nevertheless, professional resume design is important to get the chance to be a candidate and get invitation for a interview and then use does tips shared in this video.

              • avatar Earth+ 1

                The title is very misleading

                • avatar 2020 Filmworks 1

                  I know this video was posted years ago but I would love to speak with you about handling your video production needs. Feel free to send me a message to discuss this possibility.

                  • avatar Chino Vision 0

                    The girl with the tanned dress is so sexy!

                    • avatar Dr23rippa 1

                      I am a robot 🤖

                      • avatar bigbaddeerhunter 1

                        I couldn't make it past the second speaker.

                        • avatar Bj Scott 1

                          The points covered are very valuable. However, I can't believe the girl in the first chair, with her skirt waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up her legs, kept pulling up her cell phone!! I wanted to use this clip with my students, but am not able to due to her lack of professionalism! We, in the medical field, tell our students constantly they are not to have a cell phone in site while at work. What a huge disappointment this was!!!!