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    Core outsourcing benefits;
    A) economies of scale; by agreegating order
    B) Risk pooling; outsourcing offers customers to transfer demand uncertainty to suppliers
    C) Focus on core competencies

    Primary Outsourcing Risks;
    A) Loss of competitive knowledge; it may open up opportunities for competitors or may prevent the development of new skills, innovations
    B) Conflicting objectives; leaage of confidental information
    C) Trend shows that actually outsourcing is getting costly for western companies

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    This video has two major flaws.
    First: most of the examples given are not about outsourcing, but about hiring external expertise to do a given job for you. Hiring a webdeveloper to develop a website for you is such a poor example. Few companies actually have their websites developed by an internal department unless they are really big and choose to do so themselves or it is close to or part of their core business.  A better example would have been having your (internal) websites hosted by an external company, especially after you have decided to transfer the accompanying staff and resources, such as the servers, people and any database to that external company. Outsourcing involves transferring work that you did with your own people and the accompany resources. If you maintain that hiring an external person is outsourcing than the term has lost any meaning as this has been standard practice for as long as humanity existed. I. E. hiring a cab or getting the bus would be considered outsourcing in this definition.
    The second major flaw is your cons which neatly avoid the basic issues with the real cons. It shows you bias. 
    It takes times.. gosh.. what a con. 
    It might(might!) be costly.
    It is not for everyone..
    Let me present you with a better set of cons.
    1  Losing expertise and knowledge. Outsource your people and resources to an external partner and you have to rely on that external knowledge and expertise. This is especially problematic when this touches on your core business processes. This problem becomes greater once one realizes that by relying on that external source, you will not create an internal source of expertise. So it will be hard to disentangle yourself from that external source and go back as you do not have any internal staff to rely on. Switching to another outsourcing partner might proof as hard. 
    2 Losing control. When you outsource you are involving an external partner in running part of your business. You hand control over to that partner. If you partner with a big powerful bureaucratic organisation for instance you might find yourself at the mercy of that organisation. Also any external staffing or resources are not in your direct control and need to be part of well defined contracts. You will find that you get what you pay for, and not a jolt more.  
    3 Hidden costs.
    Outsourcing requires people to manage those outsourcing companies. It is not uncommon for a company to find out that what they gained, a lowering of the costs by outsourcing part of their workforce, was defeated by having to hire staff to handled all the contracts, communications, key performance indicators and the many many hours of discussions to get the outsourcing right.

    These are just a few examples.

  8. dolphinsattack dolphinsattack

    The vast majority of people who support outsourcing are not economists.  Economists like Paul Krugman and Joseph E. Stiglitz would run circles around any business owner intellectually and statistically by showing how outsourcing jobs out of the U.S. lowers wages for american workers, shrinks the middle class and contributes to man made global warming.
    Factories and businesses in India and China don't have the environmental regulations in place like the U.S., Canada and EU does.
    The "techies" in Silicon Valley think as long as they support gay marriage, abortion and gun control then that makes them a "progressive" but it really doesn't.  "Techies" are not progressive economically.

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    Great points. One point that should out to me would be finding the right people for the right job. By doing this minimal errors would occur. Thank you for sharing this.

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    Great indicates in the view point of outsourcing. Outsourcing todays is widely used for small business to big companies.

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    very good points right there to ponder on. But i believe outsourcing is the future of the marketing industry. like you said, it may not be for everyone, but when you find success in it , the pay off is well worth it.

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    useful video……Thanks


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