1. Georgek117 Georgek117

    I haven't started investing yet but my advice to anyone who's thought about investing – pick up one of Robert Kiyosaki's books. The man will completely change your attitude to money, and he has with me, made me feel like I can achieve anything if I simply plan for it and stick with that plan. Most people don't become rich because they don't plan for it, they spend their money on things rather than on assets that get their money working for them.

  2. Pimsiri S. Pimsiri S.

    Stephan, I really appreciate your transparency and honesty. Not many entrepreneurs that have your quality. You totally inspired me.

  3. Razan Razan

    thanks for sharing


    Great advice for someone who wants build a strong portfolio. I subscribed as I would like to learn more about making passive income and investing? Thank you!


    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Video!

  6. Wolfram Krauss Wolfram Krauss

    German shares only pay dividends once a year. That is why I bought American shares that pay the dividends quarterly or monthly (O). I have now added Canadian dividend shares. Thanks for your video, could you give a current overview?

  7. Cómo Agrandar El Pene Cómo Agrandar El Pene

    Thankyou for this Stephan!

    Is it recommendable dollar cost averaging in ETFs as well?

  8. IImproveMe IImproveMe

    This is GOLD

  9. k k k k

    Thank you.

  10. Gateway 17 Gateway 17

    If you had to pick one bank to invest in, in Canada which one would it be?

  11. Gateway 17 Gateway 17

    Great video, really inspiring!! Dividend paying stock is something that I've just begun to invest in. I'am 33 and I'am pretty annoyed with myself that it's something that I haven't done along time ago. Seeing the returns that you are achieving through your dividends is amazing and motivates me to try and replicate it. Well done on your success!!

  12. Marshmallows0_0 0o0 Marshmallows0_0 0o0

    I'm a complete newbie, recent high school graduate and I don't even know where to begin, looking at this gives me a great amount of insight on what I should work towards. I'm still a little bit confused on where to start but I really appreciate this channel because I didn't learn any of this in school 😢☺

  13. Petite Please Petite Please

    I'm Canadian too and started with mutual funds when I was 20. Contributed $50 a month to that and now it's in the thousands. If anybody young is reading this, start ASAP. Now, I'm finally going to take my first dip into stock investing. I've just opened my Questrade account. This was so helpful! I get scared whenever I watch videos that suggest day trading. I'm really just not about that. Thank you.

  14. Mike Non human Mike Non human

    thx for the advice

  15. Alejandro Perez Morales Alejandro Perez Morales

    Great video, brother! its very eye-opening. Thnak you!


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