“Love My Credit Union” – Credit Unions Giving Back to Their Communities

Credit unions often seek to help members in their communities. This also leads to credit unions teaming up with one another and to make a larger impact. The "Love My Credit Union" campaign is a great example of this.

What is the "Love My Credit Union" Campaign
The "Love My Credit Union" campaign, formally "Share the Love," is a nationwide video contest for credit unions and credit union support organizations. Credit unions can submit videos that highlight their efforts in giving back to their communities. This allows credit unions to share what they have accomplished through charity work, fundraisers, and other positive impactful efforts.

Viewers can then vote for their favorite video. These votes determine the winners of the campaign. The top credit union in each asset size category is selected as a winner for the months of October and November. In December, one credit union and one credit union support organization will be selected as overall winners. The winning credit unions will have a donation made on their behalf to their local charity. In addition, five consumers who voted will have a chance of winning a Visa gift card and a donation made on their behalf to the charity of their choice.

In 2015, the "Love My Credit Union" campaign raised $ 105,000 for local charities. The campaign will award up to $ 122,500 to charities on behalf of the winning credit union videos in 2016.

Impact of "Love My Credit Union"
The "Love My Credit Union" campaign is an example of how credit unions change the face of the industry at large. Most people seek the services of a credit union because they offer better interest rates and give more personal attention. Once they understand the philanthropy involved, and realize that it is endemic to the entire credit union industry, it's much easier for them to decide to become members. This is especially true if they are individuals who have struggled with finances in the past, involving major life decisions or assets.

Consumers appreciate that credit unions are at the forefront of charitable contributions, but it's even more important to realize that it goes much further than that. It's charitable giving with a purpose. What credit unions do involving philanthropy really makes a difference, and improves the credit union industry at large. Philanthropy paves the way for more credit unions to offer similar services, and encourages the industry to continue to be forward thinking.

Philanthropy is the perfect counterpoint to the big bank culture. The credit union movement is gaining traction every day. The time is right for permanent change - that is, if credit unions can continue to keep their CEOs and employees out of judicial review and constant scandal. It's more important than ever to be in the headlines for the right reasons. Credit unions are seen as belonging to an industry that is run for the people, and by the people. Continue to accomplish this and loyal, lifelong members will start lining up at your doors to join.

Credit Unions Helping Communities Beyond Philanthropy Efforts
Credit unions help their communities in another aspect. Besides charity work, credit unions are bringing financial wellness to the members they serve. The positive impact of credit union philanthropy work is bringing more recognition to the industry. This is leading more consumers to pick credit unions as their financial institution. Take advantage of this growing awareness and show consumers how credit unions can help improve members' financial lives. Allow your credit union to grow by having compliant membership documents from Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

In addition, offer your members the financial support they need by offering great products. Accomplish this by having compliant lending documents ready at your branch, or offer online forms with Oak Tree credit union forms. We are here to make your lending process easier, and are happy to be part of this philanthropic credit union industry. Contact us today by emailing clientservices@oaktreebiz.com to learn more about our forms solutions for your credit union.



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