1. Everyman Investing Everyman Investing

    Nice video ! Most of us want to be intelligent investors but greed kicks in and we make very risky moves

  2. Amar Gheewala Amar Gheewala

    im just starting out and i really dont know where to start. how much money to invest in stocks, how many companies. whether the companys stock value will increase. any brokers, how much stock to buy and which companies stocks. my minds so puzzled. i just want to make money to support my parents

  3. James And Yvonne James And Yvonne

    Good general info. However, I have to disagree with you on market speculation. If you learn how to invest stock market with chart patterns and loss control strategy, then you will be profitable. I have been for many years now. I showed all my 2016 trades with positive results. Anyone can learn. See my channel. I'm not selling anything. Just sharing

  4. Bes Ali Bes Ali

    The intelligent investor richly deserves to be the first chapter in a new discussion of market rules and abuses. Benjamin raises troubling and necessecary questions!

  5. interests10 interests10

    so how can a stock be unpopular but have consistent profits?? give me an example please?

  6. KJA Joseph KJA Joseph

    merci beaucoup !!!!!!! 😀

  7. Cheesy Buckets Cheesy Buckets

    awesome video man! Keep it up

  8. Who Knew ? Who Knew ?

    So.. Do investors make money directly from the company or no ?

  9. WhiteWebGames WhiteWebGames

    Great video

  10. Othmane Tamri Othmane Tamri

    Great video and great content. Thank you for sharing and taking time to make this 🙂

  11. Konstantin Konstantin

    Buffet is NOT the richest man of the planet

  12. giffy 7 giffy 7

    Good video but I disagree with the part about we can't do better then the professional wall street investors. Professionals are most likely working for a fund and when people invest in a fund they don't want they're cash sitting around doing nothing so it puts pressure on the pros to invest quite often. They don't necessarily have the luxury of waiting for good things to come about whereas the little guys can make less then 20 trades in their lives and do very well

  13. David Charles - Outside Box David Charles - Outside Box

    subbed! it would be great if you could watch my first video 'could you be richer than everyone in the world… combined?!' and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  14. Leo Navarrete Leo Navarrete

    Found the book on Amazon. http://amzn.to/2q03Vj2
    Such a great book to get! It's worth investing in this book.

  15. Ransom Locke Ransom Locke

    in your video you used the right word its a BET,its a gamble.

  16. Fidel Valenzuela Fidel Valenzuela

    Great advice: for long term investing, only buy the stock when it's below its value.

  17. fashionmwah fashionmwah

    Thank you!

  18. Chris Long Chris Long

    Thank you!

  19. Pranav Aswd Pranav Aswd

    I know this kind of videos take a lot of time and effort to make. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  20. Lukas Hosemann Lukas Hosemann

    Really good video keep it up!


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