1. Viq Viq

    Some of you fuckers are slow. This guy spoke at a decent speed.

  2. slameba slameba

    "Samurai problems" 😀

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  4. John Warmann John Warmann


  5. Esharido Esharido

    Is this why even though Canada's been in an economic slump for nearly 2 years prices of food and gas and housing refuse to go down?

  6. Jack Maloney Jack Maloney

    Very good video! Thanks for the quick run down.

  7. Myra Jackson Myra Jackson

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  9. James James

    If everyone did this, capitalism would work perfectly

  10. Muhammed CP Muhammed CP

    explanation is not good,,very fast,,,,,and need little more logical answer

  11. Lyes Email Lyes Email

    You can follow the planting and harvest seasons on Twitter too using #plant16 and #harvest16 and following accounts like @USDA @usda_nass @ReutersAg @AgsPlayers etc…

  12. its peter its peter

    1:40 it all made sense thanks!

  13. Nikki Flex Nikki Flex

    is this relevant in Canada??

  14. Brandon Alfaro Brandon Alfaro

    Can i buy stocks even if I'm 16

  15. Matt T Matt T

    Trading futures in my Stock Market Simulation class is such a rush. Good thing there is no real money on the line.


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