1. Jordan Wagner Jordan Wagner

    Just because "public" is in the title d oesnt make it NOT privately owned.

  2. duhsmersh duhsmersh

    Grow a back bone and tell these retarded fat wastes of life to suck a dick, we have freedoms and free speech

  3. Itadakimasu Hokkaido Itadakimasu Hokkaido

    I would call police and have them charged for harassment

  4. mc dadio mc dadio

    The only problem I have is the snake oil….. or at least that's how it comes off. Advertise somewhere else.

  5. Jay Boogie Jay Boogie

    Security then don't know shit and then this lady look like the only thing she know is donuts

  6. Gunzmith Dragonkind Gunzmith Dragonkind

    looks like infowwars got a lesson

  7. Gunzmith Dragonkind Gunzmith Dragonkind

    looks like  they won cause you moved

  8. FrostyFooy FrostyFooy

    Lol that"s like saying the sidewalk that runs through my driveway is owned by me, because its not. It's a pedestrian walking space and even though it through my driveway I technically am not supposed to block it.

  9. David Radford David Radford

    You're delusional. They weren't booting you because you're infowars, nobody even knows who you are.

  10. djjeckel65 djjeckel65

    Lot of places of gone private so they can have more Authority on removing people that did not want on the property and that is there right also you cannot conduct business on a business at since the private park does conduct business of recreation you cannot be taken pictures or interviews because that is business on top of another business and there's a bunch of other legal reasons for this but that's pretty much the gist of it in the sidewalk is an easement for passing you still can't sit there and lawyer and the owner of the park has to pay for the damages and upkeep of the sidewalks the city does not pay for it in fact a lot of sidewalks that need repair either the business has to pay for or what's in a residential area the homeowners have to pay for it and get the tax

  11. jason genaw jason genaw

    why don't we all go to that park n tell them to try making us leave, and bring cameras! you don't and never will own any of this planet. unless you bought it from God. everything we have come to know is a lie. welfare, jobs bills economy. it's all a way for you to pay to live half way free

  12. Sebastian Sebastian

    that female security guard dresses like a prostitute.


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