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    • avatar Aliyah Sky 1

      What if their so many locations, but the website did not list the location of the place. What should I write?

      • avatar Mazwi Mavuso 0

        Your video is excellent. It easy to follow and very helpful

        • avatar Jeath Tunes 1

          the companies probably already know that your cover letter is a load of bullshit, copied million times from different people

          • avatar Alain Van Ellewee 2

            That 'Joe Dirt' reference.

            • avatar Doc Hassi 1

              i really just finalize a cover letter after watching your tutorial dude before that i wasnt even aware of cover letter and style of it ..JAZAKALLAH… and stay blessed boy .

              • avatar Hems port 2

                what if i'm writing it in email not attachment/microsoft word format do i have to add the "dear/sincerely" part?

                • avatar Jo Smoe 1

                  THANK YOU

                  • avatar Jo Smoe 1

                    You just proved to me that i can do aANYTHING as long as i pay my internet bill

                    • avatar Shefali Mallya 2

                      it is very helpful. Thank you.

                      • avatar Muhammad Chamas 1

                        properly lit 0:34

                        • avatar Mjb Miner 1

                          finally something I can use. Been looking all day for this…Thanks

                          • avatar Rylu Davis 1

                            What is the difference between a cover letter and a resume?

                            • avatar Muhammad Owais Khan 2

                              Our name and address Where voted

                              • avatar B True 0

                                One thing that I feel like you've forgot to mention is the font. Is there any specific fonts that should be used for cover letters, in order to make it appear more "formal" as you've said? Is there any that you may recommend? Please reply back and thanks for the help! :)

                                • avatar Jenna Knowles 1

                                  What if you have no work experience?

                                  • avatar Amit Joshi 0

                                    HI, thank you very much for this video. It is very helpful…. [Thums up]

                                    • avatar Tori Min 1

                                      Hey, what if you don 't know the name of the person?

                                      • avatar Gulzar Malik 1

                                        Dave that one was perfect thanks for your help:) cheers…

                                        • avatar Zulu Nerdy 2

                                          Thanks man :)