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    • avatar Ravi paswan 1

      hello mam I am Ravi from Ludhiana i want to learn write s latter all latter please make vedio for latter thank you

      • avatar omar bernal 1

        I don't know the specific person's name. Doing one on line now, it's my first time doing one. Does " DEAR EMPLOYER " sound okay to begging whit?

        • avatar UrbanSipfly 1

          The word is RES U MAY not RES UYM…The mispronunciation throws off the context and delivery of the idea intended…

          • avatar hayath siddiqui 1

            devyani your video are best in Youtube

            • avatar hayath siddiqui 2


              • avatar hayath siddiqui 1


                • avatar Matt Woldanski 1

                  "resume" jesus christ

                  • avatar Jonas Montoya 1

                    This is a great video that shows what a Cover Letter is there is just one question….. WHO THE HELL STARTED THIS!!!
                    If I was a employer i would just read the bullet points of the resume. Other than that good video.