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    • avatar mrigue56 1

      I believe your gpa and internship experience speak more than anything else.

      • avatar leo A 1

        I don't know man, that CL looks BIG ASS!

        • avatar Alejo Covián 1

          Great video! Super helpful, even four years later. I was taking notes the entire time.

          • avatar Adrian Swaby 1

            How can I get want improvement


            • avatar Shadow7758 1

              This cover letter technique got me my first job. 2 years later I'm back again to write another

              • avatar salcido2300 1

                bro you talk too much just get to the point because you lost me in the first 2 minutes.

                • avatar Men On Bikes Turtle 0

                  Great video man thanks for the help!

                  • avatar Ali Master 1

                    i like your letter but the problem some people don't have any inch of experience, but only have a degree in this case can we write about the projects we did or what ?

                    • avatar Old Man Sark 0

                      holly crap you are annoying.

                      • avatar Bijan Khadembashi 1

                        Awesome vid man, you've got a real genuine demeanour (Wish you could teach that :P). Screw those career centers and their shit resume workshops… your gold info is getting out there to people +1 Karma for you!