How To Start Your Own Nonprofit

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    • avatar Michael Odum 1

      This was very insightful. I was wondering how much money will I need to start something like this?

      • avatar Cynthia Combs 1

        Thanks for sharing*

        • avatar coquestia dixon 1

          are there any services that can help us start a non-profit?

          • avatar Post Beatz 2

            Good stuff!

            • avatar Z MezGar 1

              thanks so much!

              • avatar Jason Hague 1


                • avatar Sabrina DeGreaffenreidte 1

                  Very helpful, thanks!

                  • avatar Michael Gordon 1

                    short, straight to the point. great job. does anyone know if anything major has changed since the video was made? just asking since its 3 year old….nevertheless, great vid.

                    • avatar Sofia Diggs 1

                      This was one of the most knowledgeable introduction on Non-Profit

                      • avatar Binamra karmacharya 1

                        Thank you so much for this video. Please keep on continuing with such knowledgeable facts.

                        • avatar Chuck Woolaver 0

                          Very good information

                          • avatar MOHAMMED ABDALLA 1

                            Great video

                            • avatar Donavan Rashad 1

                              Thanks so much for this video! Very helpful!

                              • avatar HopeDefenders 1

                                very helpful!