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    I like it so much. I think it will help me to get prepared myself for my upcoming interview. Thanks for such a nice video.

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    With the name of Lord Allah, the Impartial, the Compassionate.


    What we call ‘I’, ‘you’ etc. are not the visible physical body! On the contrary, it is ‘Nafs’- soul. Body is the vehicle. It is an Earthen ‘frame or a mold’ developed by the Supreme Creator by mixing the sperm and ovum of father and mother respectively. When Adam—the first man—was created; the entire soul of men till the Last Day were created from the single soul in the Paradise itself. So, the soul of all mankind is the one as told in the verses 4: 1; 7: 189 and 39: 6. Taking out their progeny which exists till the Last Day from the napes of Adam’s children, the Creator made a covenant from each one: “Am I not your Lord, the Owner?” Then each of them replied: “Of course, we do witness”. By doing this everybody admitted that the Authority for giving rules and regulations for entire mankind is the Lord only. Afterwards, they were made sent back to the nape of Adam as explained in the verses 7: 172-173. This is the first death of each individual mentioned in the verses 2: 28 and 40: 11.

    Swearing by the apparent six facts the verses 91:1-6: “Sun and its hot light; consequent moon and resplendent light; the appearance of bright day; the darkening of night; the canopied sky; shaped Earth as an ostrich’s egg” Lord says in the verses 7-10: “He evenly balanced the soul and gave its false way and good way. Then whoever purifies it (identifies himself) will prosper, while whoever neglects it will fail. Ie. to say whoever fulfills the covenant made with Lord in this world will only prosper. So, the believer will live here always declaring by the soul: “I am none” and “nothing belongs to me”. The verse 76: 3 says: “Indeed We gave the man freedom to select either the way of grateful or ungrateful”. In the verse 90: 10 it is told: “Then we guided the man by two ways,one to the Hell and the other to the Paradise”. The Lord became Impartial by teaching man Adhikr which contains the ways of Satan (falsehood) and the way of Lord (Truth) from the Paradise itself as told in the verses 55: 1-4. As per the verse 10: 100, no one becomes a believer without ‘Lord’s Permission’ Adhikr.Therefore, it is the duty of each individual to confirm that he or she is grateful or ungrateful utilizing Adhikr.


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    Looks like i am not ready for TOEFL


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