1. Ryan Scribner Ryan Scribner

    Here is the #1 book I am recommending right now. If you have any concerns about an upcoming financial crisis, I highly recommend reading through this masterpiece by Tony Robbins. Believe it or not, 100% of the profits of this book are going to the Feeding America charity. Check out the book: http://amzn.to/2sw6sW4 (Amazon Affiliate Link)

  2. Nicholaus Buthmann Nicholaus Buthmann

    Thanks Bro!

  3. lovely me lovely me

    Thanks for the info!

  4. cheese cakes cheese cakes


  5. Big Chunky Big Chunky

    Cheers bro

  6. Joel Peterson Joel Peterson

    And…keep living in your parents basement lol smart move.

  7. Alexandre Garcia Alexandre Garcia

    What's you thought on Swellinvestment?

  8. MrDballmoney MrDballmoney

    There is Zero Shame in doing yard work as a side hussle or turn to a full time business! I know guys that make 70k a year doing that! I've been telling my friends, who are broke, that I will pay for the equipment and set up the jobs. They refuse to! If you have a smart phone, there's no reason to not make money!!

  9. MrDballmoney MrDballmoney

    When I was 18 I received 4k from a settlement when I was around 4. I kept 1k, and invested 3k. I should of shifted the money around, I did lose half of it in the dotcom crash. My broker never let me know about dividend yielding stocks. I did take my 1.5k out and invested in my musical instruments. I've been in a few bands and have made the money back, eventually lol. I didn't have regrets until I learned about dividends! This was 14 years and would be ahead! If you want to invest, do it. Diversify, play it safe. You can invest in things that have nothing to do with the stock market as well!! Just start doing it. Thanks for the video! You're teaching me a lot and you make it simple

  10. Joro Ivanov Joro Ivanov

    Been watching your content for a while now, all I have to say, you're straight to the point and no bullshit included, love it!
    If there's a way I can talk to you in private I would definitely appreciate it!

  11. Todd Devonshire Todd Devonshire

    I've watched about 40+ videos on this shit. yours is the best I've seen so far. good job man

  12. Gustavo Molina Gustavo Molina

    New subscriber! Ryan I have stocks with a company I used to work for. I've been fortunate enough to make just under 1k of profit from the stocks I have. My question is should I sell the stocks and use the 1k to make new investments or should I keep half and sell half but still use the 1k of profit to make new investments? I'm new to this whole stock investing so the question might sound dumb. Just looking for the best advice. Anyone with a great advice please comment.

  13. Ashley Anderson Ashley Anderson

    invest in bitcoins. nuff said.

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  15. Joseph Rodríguez Joseph Rodríguez

    Great video! Try not to turn your back on the camera while you speak, your voice fades when you do that since your not facing the microphone. Everything else was pretty good, including the information. Keep it up!

  16. G'S Up 34 G'S Up 34

    Teenage guide to investing!!!!!

  17. AlienPlantLife AlienPlantLife

    I put all of it into Nuka-Cola. I heard they are breaking ground for a new theme park.


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