1. samm s samm s

    i remembered during high school i was so nervous during an individual presentation, and i ended up shaking. My friends who were sitting infront of me giggled when they saw my hands holding a small cards (which i use to wrote down important notes) shaking vigorously as i present my information…phew…one of the worst experience that i encountered so far.

  2. Saleh Al Omar Saleh Al Omar

    I'm not native English speaker, but I was wondering which accent does she speak?

  3. Nova Moon Nova Moon

    im not the only one who is pretty much failing english just becuase i cant present without freezong up, forgeting my lines and just shaking as if there was an earthquake right?

  4. Ismail 97 Ismail 97

    It's the worst thing ever, today i had a presentation i was like bla bla bla at the beginning and everyone in the classroom was like what the fuck is wrong that guy, my voice was so weak i couldn't even talk, so nervous. then i stopped for 5 seconds and told my teacher if i can repeat the presentation from the beginning and i made it well but no one wanted to look at me after what happened. I guess it's helpful when i look to their eyes and speak slowly, I tried not to look at them but it was terrible, I tried also to look at my friends and laugh a little bit and it was useful.
    Remember that it will be awkward just if you want to make it awkward, everyone gets nervous they're all nervous they just know how to handle it

  5. Briar Gillespie Briar Gillespie

    Tomorrow i have to do a speech jn front of thr class!!!! Im so nervous

  6. Bee Beela Bee Beela

    wooow you are genius 😍

  7. Rif Jewel Rif Jewel

    next week i have a research defense and I'm so fucking nervous 😱😱😱😢

  8. mrs guinea pig mrs guinea pig

    worst thing the teacher just stair at you every time you do a mistake you have to stop and do it again.

  9. Txyahh Txyahh

    I have 2 presentations this week.. 😭

  10. Tristan Hunt Tristan Hunt

    Wonderful advice

  11. Matthew Grammatico Matthew Grammatico

    I'm presenting today. Ahhhhhh 😰😰😰😰😰😰

  12. Michael Burge Michael Burge

    Very true.

  13. haikosanders haikosanders

    Shut up I need to present to my whole school

  14. 1Million Subcribers 1Million Subcribers

    I don't know why I get so nervous… everything happens to me such as sweating/shaky voice/shaky hands/red face… I don't understand why I remember back in elementary school and even middle school I was smooth when giving presentations in front of the class while there was those kids were either weren't good or even got to nervous to even do it while I always had no problems now here I am nervous af senior year of hs with a presentation tomorrow in front of the class. (Oh and to make matters better the teacher assigned groups the day I was absent so the punishment for me was to work alone so im only person in the class presenting alone

  15. 1Million Subcribers 1Million Subcribers

    I really just have no idea why I get nervous once I get up there normelly thinking about it doesn't seem hard at all and presentations seem like an easy way to get a good grade but once i get up there I don't know why everything happens, shaky voice/shaking hands/sweaty/red face. Normelly one leads to another sometimes i'll make a mistake and then my voice starts to get shaky and people start to notice and all that happens.

  16. 1Million Subcribers 1Million Subcribers

    Can someone just tell me why this happens its fuckin bullshit. I just want to go in front of the class and present my shit but then my voice randomly starts getting shaky? I start sweating? My hands shake? My face gets red? its fuckin retarded. I feel fine before and just wish I could go present normelly I dont even know why it happens?

  17. Suhail Al-jafari Suhail Al-jafari

    my presentation is in 10 min and i am super nervous.


    i need to do a presentation tomorrow….😭😭i cant im to nervous and all that

  19. Jahnvi Sachan Jahnvi Sachan

    I have my anatomy seminar tomorrow and I am very nervous.


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