How To Day Trade For Beginners | Penny Stock Investor 2017

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    • avatar LeeM 1

      Hey Ricky
      I am a beginner, i want to learn how to trade penny stock and which broker is recommended for me to start with $100 as in my country, dollar is too much so i want to start slow. I am following your videos, how can i reach you to teach me. I need your help please.

      • avatar Arron Hoang 1

        where can I download or find stock/chart for technical analysis for macbook?

        • avatar Bruce Fuentes 1

          how about Hertz and Avis?

          • avatar WeiXian ANG 2

            What do you guys think of TradeStation for a foreigner with small amount of money.

            • avatar Uly N Andy 2

              Do you have a course?

              • avatar Luis Alvarez 1

                Hey Ricky! I stumble upon your videos while looking for strategies to start day trading. I think you are the best and given your young age you motivate me to start trading! I have a beginners question. What platform are you using to day trade on this video?

                • avatar Kevin Mei 1

                  Thanks for uploading the new vid :)

                  • avatar jay_ 311 1

                    aslo can you use td amertrade to actually trade or no

                    • avatar jay_ 311 0

                      yo can you make a video about the end of the day some time or a steam as it closing i work morings so cant really catch the streams whenever thanks

                      • avatar Moha Elahwal 2

                        Thanks for the awesome video Ricky,,, what's the best broker to trade OTC and Nasdaq markets with small account between 1k-3k and has low fees??? good execution and platform… what you prefer??? this is important question and it's gonna help me alot


                        • avatar Himanshu Dass 2

                          lol penny stocks are not for investors they are for traders for quick profits…if people start holding them as investment they would have lost there all money as they are very very volatile and scammed

                          • avatar one234569and10 1

                            I would like you to do a video on tool you use, and how much it costs to use them. I am only using some apps on my phone and Robinhood. Thanks

                            • avatar Apollo Creed 0

                              Is there another system besides thinkorswim where you can do this?

                              • avatar Manuel Deheza 0

                                if you add pivot points on studies thinkorswim platform, works pretty good