1. Andrew Perez Andrew Perez

    As a teacher you should probably sit closer to your students.

  2. Untamesoul5555 Untamesoul5555

    Hi guys! I just wanted to ask a few questions 1. how can i find a mentor to teach me? Or do I have to pay for a program and which is the best? 2. I have never looked at a program so how do you start? I have a heavy interest in day trading I think it is a very "relaxing" lifestyle in terms of you can be anywhere and you have free time and no boss or drama. I can honestly say I am a little scared to get started just because id like to have someone teaching me just how to get started and see what the buying and selling actually looks like. I will start soon though because I absolutely hate working for other companies or other people in general. This channel is really really helping me brighten up my thoughts on starting day trading as my full time career. Thanks guys and keep the videos and information coming!! 🙂 Cheers

  3. The Lion on Wallstreet The Lion on Wallstreet

    pretty good

  4. Steve Montes Steve Montes

    Hey Marcello. Currently I'm in DTA and trading on DEMO. I'm not working so I'm giving all of my energy to learning how to get rid of the bad habits and become consistent. IN THE MEANTIME tho…I don't have any money coming in and living off of some stocks that I sold last year. I've sold stocks in the past via calling a broker but I would like to swing trade stocks on some sort of charting platform since I can't do it through Ninja Trader. I also feel it's a little "safer" to trade stocks for now until I improve so that I could go 100% fulltime with futures. Do you recommend any trading platform/broker for stocks?

    Thank you Marcello,
    Appreciate everything you do.

    Steve M.

  5. Jacky Pheng Jacky Pheng

    Content wise it was very constructive.
    But I think there some little adjustement to make the video better.
    Maybe you should have a attached mic so there no echo.

  6. Fabiano Lomba Fabiano Lomba

    Trading its like learning a new language, takes time!!!
    Special if you love it.
    One thing that is very import its Risk management know how much you can afford to lose, have trade plan.
    Great Video Marcello hope one day I will get in your level.

  7. Christopher Charles Christopher Charles

    Great Video!

  8. Gian Wyttenbach Gian Wyttenbach

    Hi Marchello, I`m usually not the person that writes alot of comments, but I think that was one of, if not the best video you`ve ever put out! It`s kept simple and a beginner like me gets some fundamental informations about general and important topics. If you could spare the time to awnser me two questions, then I`d be very happy. So first off I wanted to ask if trading future markets is possible, even if I`m currently not in the U.S but in Switzerland, and secondly I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations as to where a beginner schould search for useful informations to get a basic knowledge of the subject. I would highly appreciate an awnser and whish you a great time in Indonesia!
    Lg Gian


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