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    • avatar Phillippe Dida 1

      Johnny is an idiot. Conor takes this fight cause he's going to make 100m or something like that and he has absolutely nothing to lose. Nobody expects him to win. Conor can lose every single second of this fight and he still won't damage his status because he's NOT a pro boxer. This is more of a circus show not a boxing contest.

      • avatar Tal Buset 1

        He gets it!!!

        • avatar michael hightower 1

          People are idiots…DAMN! Give him credit for fighting Flyod? How damn dumber can your title be? He is gonna make millions. I mean, damn, I'm tired of foolish commentary from the youtube community.GET LOST. All are being played for this exhibition and promoting garbage. Floyd and Conor are just laughing. They will have their money before they enter the ring….YOU FOOLS!!!!

          • avatar Jamie Maragenie 1


            • avatar Thomas C 1

              I give him no credit at all his getting 100 million win or loss I'd fight him with 1 arm tired behind my back for that money Jonny talking rubbish. I'd give Connor credit if he was fighting Canelo, Errol, Thurman, GGG one of those fighters because he would know there's a real chance to get badly hurt. With Floyd he knows he's going to loss but won't be to painful because of Floyd safety first style.

              • avatar NAM 05 1

                If frank was showing this fight on box nation you would be saying its a disgrace (J.Nelson aka sky lap dog)🐶

                • avatar easytoremember9000 1

                  Oh man Johnny don't talk crap. Just cause Sky are showing this shit irrelevant mismatch you are trying to sell it to us.This fight should be called Joke of the Century. Come on Johnny Im your fan don't let me down on this one man its a shocker.

                  • avatar Mars Castillon 1

                    I'm sure people will watch, but will they pay for it?

                    • avatar Tel boy Davies 1

                      100 mill ill fight floyd and connor back to back tag team fuk it ill fight them both for 10 grand ffs

                      • avatar Brit Boxing watch 0

                        it's a bullsh*t fight.

                        • avatar Adrian Morton 1

                          $20 MILLION credit?

                          • avatar Ant Bro 1

                            Johnny Nelson is always fuckin wrong who give a fuck about this guy…

                            • avatar Revelian1982 2

                              I'd fight Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee and Brock Lesnar all at the same time for a grand.

                              • avatar BillyCBoxingFan 2

                                Fuck off Johnny, he knows he can't win, he's doing it for the money, nothing more.

                                • avatar D.i.y with Rene and Ella 1

                                  johnny nelson is the most clueless pundit on earth does he just like to oppose, hate Americans or just know nothing about the sport apart from being once a mediocre fighter

                                  • avatar ojgom17 1

                                    give him credit for taking a very lucrative fight? man stfu…i dont even need to see this video. it's all about the money for mcgregor.

                                    • avatar Jack 2

                                      Why do people even say its bad for boxing. It's 2 forms of fighting meeting involving 2 superstars. It will only be bad for boxing if McGregor KOs Mayweather. Even then boxing will live on.

                                      • avatar Blaa Lad 1

                                        Ridiculous to give a guy credit because he's willing to fight for 100 million lol I would genuinely step into the ring with mayweather myself for a fraction of that money! I mean why on earth would i not! The ref is there to protect me and ensure i don't die ha