1. sir starks sir starks

    married thru the "STATE" Moor?

  2. Sandi Lo Sandi Lo

    What are the steps one takes? I would like to know more please.

  3. dee burris dee burris

    Where does one truly begin? I stumbled across your videos as I was researching and you are talking about the information I seek. Can you direct me to where you started or better yet help guide me through the knowledge to understanding my birthright? Shoot me an email at greatnessdefined87@gmail.com

  4. Untold History Untold History

    I guess this is what Donald Trump is doing as well. I wonder what Nationality is he claiming?

  5. Michael Baker757 Michael Baker757

    Yessir…i just text you from a 757 number

  6. Siah El Siah El

    Dude is telling the TRUTH!
    They are taking your TAX EXCLUSION under 501c3 tax credit qualification thru your state which is really your (excise) ESTATE TAX RETURN..(not state, they just drop the "E").. #YEP (5,490,000,00) each year is donated (estate-gift tax 706 & 709 to these EL & BEY BUMS because of our IGNORANCE!
    All clergymen does this with religious institutions that are Ecclesiastical law which is under CANON LAW! (hint) Noble drew Ali was under Ecclesiastical law …which is UNDER CANON LAW! (which is governed by the POPE jurisdiction!)

  7. Murkery Salmonza Murkery Salmonza

    what books do you yall suggest to read to elevate my ilm,knowloedge

  8. Cheniqua Brown Cheniqua Brown

    Where's your BMW?

  9. Tedaji El Tedaji El

    What's the first step one takes

  10. Ibn El Sadiq Bey Ibn El Sadiq Bey

    Islam Moor! Give it how you get it. Peace!


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