1. Pyromaniac 777 Pyromaniac 777

    Decided to switch over from skiing to snowboarding this fall and I bought the 2017 version of the Carbon Credit. I'm way stoked and glad to see your inputs on the board 🙂

  2. Ryan Lindgren Ryan Lindgren

    Please do a review of the "burton deep thinker" or a general fish style board

  3. Joshua Schaffer Joshua Schaffer

    Fully enjoyed the video. I would like to see longer ones. Nice work on the tame dog. I like to see that progression.

  4. quincysander quincysander

    Season needs to hurry up and get here I can't wait much longer

  5. Bluelimes8 Bluelimes8

    I hit 98km/h on my 2013 Carbon Credit this past winter hahaha. SO sketchy

  6. Andrew Flower Andrew Flower

    This is a really good review with great video shots

  7. misterrob0to misterrob0to

    Still gonna review the Bataleon Fun.Kink?

  8. Callum Howarth Callum Howarth

    You guys should do a snowboard googles review and comparison between Kevin's Electric EGX goggles, and TJ's Dragon NFX. Would be really helpful to get your guys opinion and thoughts. Love the vids!

  9. SidiNic SidiNic

    I want to buy a new board, a playfull All mountain board. But there are so many good boards, that i am clueless on what to buy. Something along the lines as the Hucknife or DOA. Any tips for me?

  10. 24Carson Inman 24Carson Inman

    I've got a problem I ride goofy when I ride a skateboard but I ride regular when I ride a snowboard do I switch on snowboarding or skateboarding

  11. Tim Johnson Tim Johnson

    TJ! GREAT review, as usual. This board isn't for me, but you always have such great information in your reviews. My new ride (2 days last winter) is a Never Summer Ripsaw. Have you tried it?

  12. Jose Wet Jose Wet

    I had the 2015 carbon credit which also had asymmetrical sidecut. I thought the board was difficult riding switch. What's your thoughts on it?

  13. Nick Johnson Nick Johnson

    What percentage of the boards that you review are you able to keep and how much is loaned?

  14. Phri Pheoniks Phri Pheoniks

    Have you ever had a look at The Clone from Vimana? Bought it as my first snowboard, wondering if you had any tips for it :3

  15. Blake Nuttall Blake Nuttall



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