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    If America continues to sanction China then they will trade with gold. North Korea is a large producer, hoarder, and trader of gold. My assumption is that NK has 60 000 kilo bars of gold, but this is purely speculation of course. This is an interesting flow of PM's into China.

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    This man is a fund manager?

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    It is Monday July 3, 2017 do you know what is happening to the price of Gold and Silver? They are getting smashed AGAIN. Better get Dave on again to tell us what is happening. Why would anyone want to step in font of a Train over and over again? They don't tell you why Gold is underperforming. It just not about the manipulation. There is obviously enough supply of Physical Gold and Silver in the market to settled at these prices !

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    Everything comes into perspective once you realize SGT is total propaganda used to get people into to mining stocks and metals. It is simply pump and dump and of course using the "cartel" BS when they are wrong which is always. These guys simply do not understand how markets work and what causes price movement.
    His claim that there was no news and massive shorts were still added proves this. Let's look at currencies. The reversal level for the EUR/USD cross is the 113/114 level and previously when price approached the 113 level currency traders in London added their shorts and the hedge funds on the Comex and LME who have been going long on gold as this is their hedges for their long dollar positions in currency markets then have been adding shorts riding price weakness back down with the commercials who 2/3rds are already short. The hedge funds almost always move the price up in gold to a reversal or resistance level and then they wait for London to again create additional dollar strength. They drove the price to just under the resistance level at 1260 to 1259 and when the shorts were added in currencies the funds added theirs on gold and currently price is down again to 1240 which is again a reversal level. The funds have consistently been bouncing price recently from 1240 to around 1260 over and over again. Now currently in currencies the "dumb money" has been flowing into the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses moving the price up. How do we know that this is dumb money? Banks, sovereign bonds, the euro and the EU are still collapsing. In addition the crosses are still in long term bearish trends. On top of this the "smart money", the hedge funds, did not move up the gold price as they usually do with short term dollar weakness. This tells you that all hell is about to break loose in currency markets and I expect to see London to again monkey hammer the crosses again creating dollar strength which should push gold down to again around the 1200 resistance level. If wrong gold will go back to again the 1260 resistance level and then down again. The funds have been making profits on their long dollar positions and also with their shorts on gold when London cranks it up. All markets are connected and this is a prefect example of how currency markets effect commodities.
    The resistance levels for gold are 1200, 1260 and 1300 with the reversal levels at 1240 and 1272. Again the funds have been bouncing price from one level to another following what London does. Where do these levels arrive from? Armstrong Economics computer models which track international capitals flows and then release reversal and resistance level in all markets. As you can see they are spot on.
    My question is how can you be a metals fund manager and not watch currencies. Most people realize that dollar strength equates to across the board commodity weakness including gold and silver.
    The Chinese central bank announced last month that they have stopped buying gold instead last month they boughy billions in US treasuries. If you want to know how how much gold is flowing in China to their huge industrial and manufacturing base and to their huge wholesale jewelers just look at the numbers on the SGE as the country places a 17% VAT on metal imports that do not flow thru the exchange so this is fairly accurate. China needs low metal prices for their industry and they control prices especially silver. They also have their own twice a day metals fix or auction.
    It is no accident that the Chinese banks are participants either on the London metals fix, the LBMA and also the LME. Who owns the LME? Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing LTD. Huge banks like Bank of China, China Commerce Bank, China Communications Bank, ICBC, HSBC, etc, etc, etc. Take JP Morgan's huge silver inventory. When asked recently to comment on this, Rob Kirby responded, "It ain't JP Morgans!". Think fireworks, noodles and egg rolls. Are we seeing a pattern here yet?
    The common belief is gold backwardation means a physical shortage but in reality when the futures price is lower than the spot price simply means entities want to pay lower prices in the future than current price.
    On the SGE there is 3 lines that stick out. Total weekly deliveries, Total weekly trading volume and total weekly delivery ratios. Trading volume has been more than than delivery volumes and ratios are currently around 42% which means 58% of trades were settled in cash. It is pure nonsense that the SGE requires all contracts to be settled in physical gold.

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    Yes we all know the system is going to collapse and Gold and Silver will soar! Really? If there is enough Physical supply the price will go no where. They got the COMEX supplying paper. They got the LBMA supplying paper. They got the GLD ETF supplying paper. The banks sell paper Gold certificates! Lots and lots of PAPER ! After 6 years of this and crypto currencies the new wealth maker, people have lost interest in what these Guys are saying !

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    It is 4 am EST do you know what is happening to the price of Gold? It is getting smashed. Dave adds no value. All he tells us is after the fact. Yes we already know how many paper contracts were dumped. Why would anyone want to step in font of a Train over and over again? They don't tell you why Gold is underperforming. It just not about the manipulation. There is obviously enough supply of Physical Gold and Silver in the market to settled at these prices !

  10. Ricardo ubo Ricardo ubo

    It is Funny! US equity markets and US$ UP and Gold is Down! US equity markets and US$ down and Gold is Down! No credibility from this Channel ! Have these guys ever told the audience the reasons to own Gold and Silver? Whatever the reasons, they are not working. These channels are just here to support the Mining CEOs and the Bullion dealers. They got the most to lose if Gold and Silver (paper and physical) underperform !

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    I heard a guy on terrestrial radio say that Walmart has told the truckers that they are not to move any cargo for Amazon if they wish to retain Walmart's business.

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    The duck's are lining up, something big is afoot.

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    Circuit left but clowns stayed, now they have nothing to do so they talked BS about stuff they don't know

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    fund manager ?????????????? LOL LOL
    can you say BULLSHIT ?

    I can

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