1. perfectbeat perfectbeat

    Oh this pisses me off.

  2. Jose Escobar Jose Escobar

    Disney is full of crap! They need to fine them big time abuse and visa fraud!!

  3. R Feyman R Feyman

    My apartment complex looked like Dharavi by the time I left. My friend used to work for TD Bank and they did the exact same thing.

  4. TheEuphony69 TheEuphony69

    This is capitalism. They want cheap labor.

  5. unenslaved2012 unenslaved2012

    Mk Ultra Disney, mind controlling the masses into Hell Fire

  6. Clash of clans and-other games Clash of clans and-other games

    Shame on these upper management people.

  7. nomar mar nomar mar

    they took R JAAAAABS , Deytuker derrrrrp, dey tootder daaaaarp

  8. WorldRecordvideos WorldRecordvideos

    I can't have robots at my fast food place but hb1 workers are ok!

  9. Phil Cross Phil Cross

    This is not right.  The government needs to impose penalties to make it costly for these companies such as Disney and Carrier so that they lose money with these practices instead of making profits so upper management can get million dollar bonuses.

  10. Elisa Linsky Elisa Linsky

    very sad

  11. Todd Freeman Todd Freeman

    That's what they get for voting Democratic.

  12. Todd Pinney Todd Pinney

    Don't worry folks, TrickleDown economics will start paying off any day now!

  13. ninuxy ninuxy

    He Disney, Deloitte, or whatever their name is, they just brought 1,000 to Orlando. Guess what percentage of them are H1-B visa status? 70%!!!

    You fucking greedy corporation and their Conservative fascist backers, and specially Teanuts, you are reaping what you sow, assholes. Keep voting for corporate whores like Donald Tramp see how really bad it would get.

    Corporations control the government. Government is not a problem; government is nobody. They lick corporations' boots. You have to go after them to fix the government.


    There is no future for Americans in IT in USA. There is no future for American children in America. Same time, all Indian employees are getting ripped off by their employers both Indian Incs and Indian outsourcing companies by violate all USCIS Rules. Irony is none of them come forward either to complain or trigger it due to fear of losing VISA/Dollars/Green Card etc. Hence H1Bs are often referred as indentured servitude in H1B book. Several times media enquired H1B/F1 OPT victim workers to speak either on telephone or in front of camera but afraid to speak truth and continue to suffer. Hence American Media has no interest among Indians consider the victims as "timid fellows" neither complain to DOL nor speak to media to expose willful violators hence Indian employers, illegal, unethical, unlawful layers unjustly damaging IT industry in USA by promoting felony to place their employees at USA client locations. America has to investigate it to stop this menace.

  15. stluciestrength stluciestrength

    Terrible! For once Sen. Bill Nelson is doing something right.

  16. Jt Williams Jt Williams

    how can a company claim there is no trained, competent US workers to fill a position when it is laying off those who did the job previously? if Americans can't work in hi-tech jobs, which was supposed to be the core of the post NAFTA economy, what the hell are people supposed to do? we've got a major problem here

  17. Mike Smith Mike Smith

    As an I.T. professional for over 20 years, now a data architect, I can attest first hand that what Disney is experiencing is the general rule across the industry of I.T. The problem stems, primarily, from upper management’s unwillingness to understand I.T. In addition, there is a difference in how ‘truth’ is understood between the West and the contractors from the East.

    First, upper management doesn’t seem to understand the full cycle of development for projects in I.T. Too often, the process of analyzing and capturing data related to business functionality (often call business architecture) is overlooked. As a result, a broader view of real business gaps in the I.T. applications missed. Smaller, less important, projects get favored over foundational, enterprise projects. The Indian firms’ mission statement is basically ‘Yes.’ And then proceed to build whatever the business asks for, rather than taking the time to understand the larger picture.

    Secondly, Easterners (Indians particularly) have a different definition of ‘truth’ than Westerners. I cannot tell you how many of them I have interviewed who said they knew something, as referenced on their resumes, and ended up not knowing any of it at all. When pressed on this issue, many have replied, ‘I meant I can learn it fast.’ We in the West see this as outright lying, they do not. Westerners cannot compete, at least by their resumes, with such tactics. What ends up happening is that an Indian contractor is hired for a mid to upper position, at a beginner’s rate. The management sees this as saving money. When projects go late or fail, the first line managers are often blamed. In actuality, no money was saved at all, since the contractors hired were beginners paid a beginner’s rate.

    (p.s. FU YT for forcing me to use Chrome to cut and paste a comment!)

  18. Sound Mind Sound Mind

    I bet those former IT Disney employees were PC far left liberal types before they lost their job…Look at how they promoted at installing thumbprint scanners and having security going through your personal belongings and diaper bags…Look at movies like Finding Nemo from 2003 that make deriding comments such as the shark saying "it was probably American"…How does it feel to lose your job to a non-White, non-American now? To think that Disney was ever pro-American is like saying that pigs fly. The air conditioned, $100,000 a year job, beautiful wife, and McMansion you've had for 15 years might not be around because of your arrogance and apathy.

  19. Robb's Homemade Life Robb's Homemade Life

    This is funny, Sen Bill Nelson has an F minus grade from numbersusa.  Bill Nelson is an open border globalist weasel.  Rubio may be too, but you need to know how awful nelson really is.

  20. red blight red blight

    We got the same thing going on in England. A woman I know who was team head of a very old English pottery company was asked to train Indonesians (who came to the UK) before the factory output was moved over there. If she refused she lost her topped up severance package.


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