FLIP, a fantastic and beneficial joint venture project for gifted students

Future Leaders in Philanthropy (FLIP) is an exciting project which aims to encourage young students to get involved with charitable work and to give back to the community. It is for 16-19 year olds who go to school in Gibraltar, and they believe that it is important for the prospective future leaders to get involved with the local community through a few different ways. FLIP is a joint venture project between Bonita Trust and Credit Suisse.

Bonita Trust is an independent philanthropic trust who have committed over £7.5 million in charitable giving programmes. They also work closely with charities by helping them develop websites and by creating an online presence and this is done by leveraging new technologies and by using their digital expertise. Credit Suisse Gibraltar is a subsidiary of Credit Suisse Zurich, and they have over 20 years of experience which has spread over to clients in other countries around the world as well as in Gibraltar.

The initiative works by having 20 students, who have applied being selected each year, work on a charitable project during years 12, 13 and the first year of University. In the first year they will complete a charity research project and set up the management of the project, this is done with a financial mentor. In the second year they will complete a charity fundraising project with continued investment management, and in the final year they will create a virtual local charity with a 5 year business plan and finalise their virtual charity investment portfolio.

They will also help out their charity financially and receive awards and incentives for doing so. This fantastic philanthropic foundation aims to raise awareness of social responsibility amongst some of the more gifted students as well as to target future leaders. On top of this it also aims to give students an understanding of how charities work and how they manage their investments and overall their aim is to benefit the students themselves, the charities and also the community. Visit this website today to learn more about this brilliant philanthropic foundation and their aims, rewards and just what charitable giving Gibraltar students are involved with.

FLIP is a brilliant and noble project which is beneficial for everyone, learn more about the project and how you can make a difference by visiting today, you are sure to be impressed with the work that this joint venture project between Bonita and Credit Suisse has already done by charitable giving Gibraltar. It is a great opportunity for students to help their community and develop their investment skills whilst helping those less fortunate at the same time.

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FLIP Project in Gibraltar encourages students to face social responsibility by actively participating in charity projects and working for community development.For more information visit :

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