1. Sierra Echo PNW Sierra Echo PNW

    Mr. Maloney…you are the man who got me into precious metals after watching your Fed video several years ago. I buy only from you and watch you faithfully. You are a lifesaver in so many ways and for this I thank you and your great team of personnel.

  2. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

    I agree with Mr Maloney that the crash is coming but I don't agree precious metals are the things to invest in. Gold bumbled along at $200 – $300 an ounce for decades then shot up to nearly $1200 after the 2007 event, it's remained relatively high in price since.

  3. Dylan Mccanlies Dylan Mccanlies

    What do you think about the dollar not truly being a fiat currency due to oil and the petro dollar?


    I bet now is a good time to buy gold and guess what Mike just happens to sell gold
    who'da thunk it

  5. Bob Knight Bob Knight

    silver be 5 an oz soon…

  6. Gold IRA Rollover Guy Gold IRA Rollover Guy

    wow commercial and industrial loan slow down is a BIG change. 50% slowdown is amazing. So what I find hard to believe is why are Residential loans so anemic as you've pointed out? It's summer time, the best buyer season and all the Real Estate agents are busy with very little inventory because properties get offers sometimes the same day their listed around here lately.

  7. rough rough rough rough

    He been saying we're in recession and stocks gonna crash since last year and yet nothing happened and Dow it the highest record and nasdaq recently hit record high you morons who listened to him lost a great opportunity

  8. Anautomix Doctor CGO Anautomix Doctor CGO

    Number 1k in the likes.

  9. safewaycart safewaycart

    people don't borrow because they no longer need to do it – as long as they have a job and adequate income they don't need money from banks and other institutions – this is my take

  10. Alex Lasan Alex Lasan

    silver and gold are good at these levels a good hedge but dont buy religiously for profit you will get no profit crypto is the future.

  11. Andrew Springer Andrew Springer

    Mike, Thank you for all you do to educate the minions. In one of your videos you mentioned that there is a net short position of the big investment banks currently. You had concluded that it meant more downside for gold and silver, but couldn't that also result in a short squeeze?

  12. ZCM Trading ZCM Trading

    gold seems to peak in july and declines towards eoy.. i usually buy in december and sell in july.. bababa booyaaa

  13. Obscure Man Obscure Man

    What are you going to feed you family, when SHTF ?gold and silver Sierra echo chainsaw? You think the coin shop will welcome you with open arms? they are the first one will be dead. Have you done business on streets, on the black market? I have it's nasty you won't survive. You know what I have? Fertile land, timber and you guess it, metal, lots of it but it's lead bullets, that's what's going to save me and my family. please stop being delusional get your self some land and grow some food. That's how you stay alive and forget metals for now.
    Otherwise, I do agree on Mike is doing a great job.

  14. Ernesto Vazquez Ernesto Vazquez


  15. Jochen Frank Jochen Frank

    All BRICS Country’s are already secured their Currency with Silver, nobody knows it yet. JPMorgan Chase think they can stop it by holding the Silver-Price down, they can't holding it more longer.

  16. G'Day Mate G'Day Mate

    death is a part of life. we are all goimg to do it one day. but why should we kill te planet just for the sake of increasing the population. it literally makes no sense to have ever-increasing populations. something has to give. the biggest controlling factor of any economy is population change, not the rules or the type of thing that is used as the money for that economy

  17. Sidney Boudro Sidney Boudro

    They are going to stop printing paper dollars and burn some to make gold cheaper as priced in dollars? Maybe you believe the population will go down maybe up until gold is cheaper.

  18. Nick Nguyen Nick Nguyen

    I'm disagreeing with Jeff when he said the Fed not knowing what they are doing (12:50). The Fed is the bus driver & we all are passengers, the real issue is that the bus driver is a crazy one who is knowingly heading for a crash 🙁

  19. Junaid Hasan Junaid Hasan

    Sir, I am from India. I have been watching all your videos, can you explain me the ratio thing between gold and silver? and why to prefer silver now?


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