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    • avatar Nina Evermore 1

      Gosh she is so pretty 😍 and her voice! Goodness! ❤️

      • avatar GalaxyLPSoctopus 1

        don't her songs remind you of old and dandy diners? I love when I find one somewhere! 😋

        • avatar JT Klucinec 1


          • avatar Kiara Tanner 0

            I'm loving this song.

            • avatar 14 Queen's 1

              Why do I always end up getting the good songs last…😂😂😘 THIS IS BOMB !! I ❤ it!!

              • avatar Kandy Licous 1

                My fav

                • avatar Martin harris VEVO 0

                  me hi if 72nd lens 2nd

                  • avatar Lexi Laios 1

                    this is good

                    • avatar Manuel Gonzalez Hernandez 2

                      i love meghan trainor MTRAIN :-*

                      • avatar SugaKookie 1

                        I relate to this song on a serious level. Considering my ex is now dating my friend 😊

                        • avatar Lauren Meade 1

                          When I hear this song, I think of the song 'Life Could Be Dream'. I love this girl. 😝👌🏻👍🏻

                          • avatar Sara Not Sarah 1

                            I am in love with this woman❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

                            • avatar Smite Oreru 1

                              If she could keep the 50's feel in her album after this last album that would be awesome! We need GOOD music back!