Credit Unions and Philanthropy – Collaborative Charity Movement

Another difference between banks and credit unions is that credit unions exist for their respective communities. Therefore, it's no surprise that they are involved in many philanthropic endeavors. While most credit unions donate a significant amount of time, money, or both to a number of different causes, for the most part, they may largely go unseen by the public. This fact does not change the difference in the lives of the people they touch. Yet what you may not realize is this: The more credit unions are involved, the larger the effect it has on the entire credit union industry. Let's review this for a minute by getting specific, then zooming back out.

Take for instance, the Tennessee Credit Union League. They are involved with a program called Credit Unions for Kids, which involves raising money for children and giving it to the charity of their choice, the Children's Miracle Network. This program is a great way to inspire members to participate in charitable giving, and a great way for credit unions to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Even better, the program has a national scope, which encourages other credit unions to join in as well. This is perhaps the biggest benefit to credit unions being involved with philanthropy.

One of the best ways that credit unions can participate is through their support of the National Credit Union Foundation. This is the charitable arm of the credit union movement in the United States, and has a host of programs. Through grants, they are able to provide financial education, give struggling individuals affordable financial services, and empower consumers to save towards things such as building assets and owning their own homes. Anytime the credit union donates to this foundation, it is helping its own members acomplish long-lasting change by helping them to achieve financial freedom and meet their own goals.

Collaborative efforts do not need to be nationwide, nor supported by large charity organizations, to be effective. In an effort to spread kindness across the state, Minnesota credit unions joined forces for Plus It Forward Day, led by Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. Through this collaborative effort, more than 1,200 credit union employees and members dedicated 7,300 total volunteer hours, impacting an estimated 22,000+ people in more than 65 communities around the state. This effort was made possible through collaboration with organizations and programs like the Community Emergency Assistance Programs (CEAP) and Keystone Community Services.

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Many other credit unions also contribute to #CUForKids and the credit union community such as:

Northern Skies FCU, Timberline Federal CU, Desert Schools FCU, TruWest Credit Union, Kern Federal Credit Union, Valley Oak Credit Union, Aerospace Federal CU, CBC Federal CU, Credit Union of Southern California, Farmers Insurance Group FCU, Financial Partners Credit Union, First Financial Credit Union, Kinecta FCU, LA Financial Credit Union, LBS Financial Credit Unioin, SkyOne Federal CU, South Bay CU, Wescom Credit Union, Xceed Financial Credit Union, Siskiyou Central Credit Union, Health Associates FCU, Orange County's Credit Union, SchoolsFirst FCU, CommonWealth Central CU, Community First CU, Meriwest Credit Union, Patelco Credit Union, Redwood Credit Union, SF Police Credit Union, Bellco Credit Union, Columbine Federal CU, Greater Hartford Police FCU, Hartford Healthcare FCU, Metropolitan District Employees' CU, Country Federal CU, Fairwinds CU, McCoy Federal Credit Union, Florida Customs FCU, San Antonio Citizens FCU, Health Center Credit Union, MEA Federal CU, The Family Credit Union, East Idaho Credit Union, Gas & Electric CU, Heartland Credit Union, First Northern Credit Union, KCT Credit Union, Wichita Federal CU, Advantage One CU, Bi-County PTC FCU, Community Financial CU, Shore to Shore CFCU, Member's 1st CU (currenlty Southpointe CU), Minnco Credit Union, Mississippi Federal CU, Altanta Federal CU, Montana Federal CU, Park Side FCU, Rocky Mountain CU, Russell Country FCU, Valley Federal CU, First Community Credit Union, Hometown Credit Union, Sugar Valley FCU, 1st Bergen FCU, Boulder Dam CU, CCSFCU, The Summit Federal Credit Union, AmeriCU Credit Union, CSE Federal Credit Union, GenFed Financial, Integrity FCU, General Electric CU, Kemba Credit Union, Sharefax CU, Firefighters Community CU, Bridge Credit Union, Ohio HealthCare FCU, Abbey Credit Union, Dayton Firefighters FCU, Dynamic FCU - Celina, OH, Universal 1 Credit Union, Mercy Health Partners FCU, Toledo Metro Federal CU, TopMark Federal CU, Oklahoma Employees CU, Benton County Schools Credit Union, SELCO Community CU, Pacific Crest FCU, Advantis Credit Union, OnPoint Community Credit Union, Rivermark Community CU, St. Helens Community CU, Sunset Science Park FCU, Unitus Community Credit Union, Mercer County Community FCU, Erie Community CU, Locamotive & Control Employees FCU, Belco Community Credit Union, Allegent Community FCU, State College FCU, Palmetto Health CU, Health Facilities Federal CU, Service First Federal CU, Y-12 Federal Credit Union, Kennedy VA Employees FCU, Kimberly Clark CU, Methodist Healthcare FCU, The Credit Union for Robertson County, The Tennessee CU, People's FCU, Travis County Credit Union, Lone Star CU, First Class American CU, People's Trust Federal Credit Union, Domino FCU, Firstmark Credit Union, FedStar Credit Union, Union Square Credit Union, BayPort Credit Union, New England FCU, Coulee Dam Federal CU, Oshkosh Community Credit Union,Guadalupe Credit Union, Corporate One FCU, Suncoast CU, Floridacentral Credit Union, San Diego County Credit Union, League of Southeastern Credit Unions, Alliant Credit Union, Northland Area FCU, Simplicity Credit Union, Discovery Federal Credit Union, CoastHills Credit Union.

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