Credit Card LifeHack: How to travel anywhere for FREE with just a few minutes of work



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    • avatar GrahamStephan 2

      The timing of this video worked out way too perfectly. By random chance (I filmed this video last week), I booked a free ticket last night using credit card points, to visit family in Canada and flew out this morning…I’m posting this between a layover from a Denver Colorado airport lounge where Priority Pass/Chase Sapphire Reserve got me complimentary access, a free truffle burger, fries, dessert, and nitro iced coffee. Check out my snapchat to follow the adventures ;) GPStephan

      • avatar I'm Mikey 1

        I just get a 0% interest credit card to pay all my bills and rack up points that way

        • avatar Daniel Kim 0

          Great video as always Graham!

          On a side note, can you tell me which watches you own? I'm a watch enthusiast so I'm rather curious.

          • avatar YepImIn 1

            What about cards for those who don't really travel? Any good straight up cash back rewards?

            • avatar Brandan White 1

              Graham, I couldn't agree more on this technique. I just bought my first multi-family two months ago, so I decided to sign up for the Capital One Venture card. After two months, I already have enough for a free trip to Iceland in January. I always pay the card off in full before the balance is due to ensure I'm not paying their crazy interest rates. Keep up the great work putting information out there!

              • avatar Tony CJ 1

                If you are military many of these cards will actually waive their annual fee.

                • avatar SportCinema 1

                  1 credit card per how many months would you recommend , thanks wanner

                  • avatar SpiritLeash 1

                    I disagree again man. Pretty much same thing. It seems smart but it's very unwise. Why do you think the CC companies give you these points? It's because you will spend more money.
                    It's like advertisement on tv. When you see someone drink coca cola you will want to drink it too. If you think you won't, the chance of you doing it is even higher. Very bad advice here in my opinion. It's like getting in huge debts to buy properties. People rarely ever become rich like that, but they do go broke all the time. I will still continue to watch your videos because I learn a lot from them. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

                    • avatar Genuine Gents 1

                      I would like to see you discuss dave ramsey's ideas regarding credit cards…

                      • avatar AJ V 1

                        Do the points expire?