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Credit and Debit Cards – Pros and Cons


Over the years, the United Kingdom has become a country that relies heavily on plastics to pay for purchases. Whether it is a debit card or a credit card, it saves us cash flow from carrying cash, counting withdrawals from cash dispensers, or writing purchases over and over again.

Payment by credit card is a very convenient and simple shopping method, which saves time and effort. With card payment, you can also easily shop online or over the phone. These two methods have become a popular way of shopping from grocery and holidays to clothes, gifts and more.

Speaking of which cards are used so that purchase preferences may vary from consumer to consumer, the use of debit and credit cards also has advantages and disadvantages. Both provide convenience and convenience, but there are some issues to consider when deciding whether or not it is more suitable for shopping with a credit or debit card.

Credit cards

Credit cards enable consumers to enjoy credits up to a specified limit, and can also provide other benefits, such as extending the interest-free period, purchase protection, bonus points, cash back, etc.

Advantages of credit card use

  • No need to carry cash or checks to pay for shopping
  • Can be purchased online or by telephone
  • Interest-free bonuses that can purchase goods and enjoy a certain period of time
  • Can spread the long-term purchase cost
  • Enjoy credit limits up to your specified limit, making it easier to purchase what you want, without waiting and storing
  • Be able to benefit from rewards (multiple choices of reward points or air miles
  • to meet the large Most needs and circumstances, including people with poor credit, to help them rebuild their credit

Disadvantages of credit card use

  • Risk of entering unmanageable high level of debt
  • Risk of credit card fraud
  • High interest charged on unpaid monthly balance

Debit Card

Debit Card Usually Issued by your bank, which allows you to enjoy the convenience and convenience of using plastic to pay for purchases, but you must have the necessary funds before you can use a debit card. Although you should check the terms attached to your specific bank to know exactly which offers you have, you can use debit cards to enjoy some benefits, such as extending purchase protection and emergency card replacement.

Debit Card Usage

  • There is no risk of debt because you must use it in your account to use the card
  • You can easily and easily pay by card without cash or cheque
  • Can you shop online or by phone
  • ]Delay Service for the Purchase of Many Debit Cards

Defects for the Use of Debit Cards

  • There is no credit limit, so unless you already own the funds, you cannot pay
  • Debit Card Fraud Risk
  • Unable to Amortize Repayments at the time of purchase
  • No additional benefits, such as rewards or cash Return
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