1. bobbyb5 bobbyb5

    You can always tell what the latest financial scam is by the number of TV commercials. Currently its settlement loans and life insurance. They replaced reverse mortgages and home loa

  2. bigraviolees bigraviolees

    lawyers arent much better, they get half. Asbestos which was banned and a GOP judge reversed it now lawyers profit and the death tolls keep up, its sick. You never here a lawyer end their Meso commercial with advising you to contact your rep and ban asbestos

  3. xadam2dudex xadam2dudex

    these companies are the same as title loan or payday loan industry …they are blood suckers …predators….the whole loan / credit card industry are scum…the banks have all but eliminated usury laws…we need to go back to the laws were these people would be put to death for usury


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