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    • avatar Commercial Mortgage Unlimited 1

      I worked as a loan originator for over ten years before I went on my own to start my own company. Its not the type of business you just start on your own unless you want to get sued.

      • avatar JR Yardy 2

        This is why ppl that are trying to get off the ground have it so hard bc of these type of business bc you take advantage of ppl that are already in a bad situation to start with … Maybe there is a lot about this that I don't understand but that what it is from what I'm seeing … Take a loan from you and the interest rate would kill the person that's trying to get up

        • avatar Michael P Sensing 1

          I tried calling you at the number provided and they asked if I wanted to speak to a loan officer. Let me know how to contact you. Have a few questions.

          • avatar Joebanker 0

            I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous you sound … I stopped listening 2 minutes into this crap. "Loan Consultant" … Dude save yourself some dignity and delete this tutorial.