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    • avatar Andy Moore 1

      Does anyone know what model those headphone and microphone sets are please?

      I can see they're AT and that the room doesn't appear to have been acoustically treated yet both guys sound really clean and crisp, hence my desire for a pair.


      • avatar Carlos 1

        good interview

        • avatar Camella suerte 1

          From me ,humankind ( is my priority ) I myself God is my strength .😇😘

          • avatar Camella suerte 2

            Mr. Chris ( if you believe have human laws ( I think you believe in God laws )😇😎

            • avatar Camella suerte 1

              Many are fake people sorroud us ..even good intensions always on the heart and mind 😶but never I give up ( God always beside me 😇😘

              • avatar Camella suerte 1

                Mr.Chris and Lewis ( sometimes even you are good person ) some body we criticize you ..😪😴

                • avatar AZ420 1

                  That late night DJ voice is deadly!

                  • avatar Camella suerte 0

                    Idol ( I need to meet ) Mr. Chris I'm single ..hahahaha joke ( seriously ) I love service man 😇😎😘😍

                    • avatar Camella suerte 2

                      Wow I love all good service man in the country ( idol )I hope one day ( I meet this kind of man ) brave .😎

                      • avatar Mel Chung 1

                        He is like straight out of a movie. Awesome.

                        • avatar Jacob Haskamp 1

                          These guys use a ton of body language

                          • avatar Mark Conrad 0

                            You're not that smart of a bank robber if you find yourself negotiating for your freedom.

                            • avatar northcacalacka545 1

                              WOW! Great stuff!

                              • avatar Liz Fell 1

                                22 Dislikes?!. What's not to like?. This is GOLD.