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    • avatar Isauro Banuelos 1

      so pretty much you can't buy a car unless youre a rich buisnessman lol

      • avatar theroads29 1

        When I do finance a car and pay it off. I make sure I keep that car for at least another five years. I'd rather do the repairs than have a monthly car payments.

        • avatar Istayfly Always 1

          I'm not gonna give it a thumbs down but .I will voice my opinion on this one .I'm 36 years old I'm married and don't have any children me and my wife do not want kids we own our home out right .We just wanna travel and retire early I have a great career making 250,000 plus and my wife runs a multi million dollar business with her family I'm sorry but I'm not driving a piece a shit I have payments every month and I drive a bmw M4 convertible and I love it everyone is different people wit kids will spend way more money in there lifetime then me so that's my opinion everyone is different I have a pension and annuity and my wife has 401k and we have mutual funds if you want something nice and you can afford it and your home is taken care of and you still have money in the bank to travel and a nice chunk settle way just in case the unfortunate happens you should enjoy things everybody talks about retiring what happens if you die before retirement did you ever enjoy that money the answer is no you drove a crappy Toyota looking at the guy in the cool car saying one day that will be me but that day never came

          • avatar Tony Fernandez 1

            I don't care I'm still getting a car and getting laid

            • avatar RS2002 1

              Cars are depreciating assets. Lease them on an attractive finance plan put saved capital on an otherwise outright buy on an appreciating asset like real estate.

              • avatar jjday7 1

                Some advice is buy a car you can afford or buy in cash. Learn how to work on your own car. Cars breaking down is the biggest reason people continue to trade in cars. Nothing embarrassing about buying cash. It feels good to know it's yours in the end.

                • avatar DEVGRU-P 2

                  Car payment APR ~4%, my ROI from investing this year ~16%, yeah, glad I chose to invest instead. Car loans ain't that bad…

                  • avatar Christian Worthinton 2

                    My best vehicles cost me $500 or less. Why? Because previous owner has done all the expensive repairs to make it roadworthy. If you are a woman who knows nothing about cars, then get a mechanical inspection pre-purchase. Cheap insurance to prevent you buying a lemon.

                    • avatar Christian Worthinton 1

                      Never spent more than 2k on a car. I want to own it, not loan it…

                      • avatar So So 1


                        • avatar Matthew Cortes 1

                          Regardless your paying the same price . That's like saying you shouldn't finance your house . You should rent for your whole life until you have enough money to pay the whole mortgage at once

                          • avatar Nether Warrior 1

                            I buy awesome used cars cause new cars are more money for less fun