1. Michael Reynolds Michael Reynolds

    Donate to the start of a Business of unlimited potential, and step by step the would may become a better place. The start to progression is this most challenging although once begun amazing potential greatness is most likely to occur.

  2. Matthew Gambill Matthew Gambill

    A good place to start investing is the app called Robinhood. They don't charge you fees on your trades. So you can get into the stock market for cheap. Right now they are running a promotion where they give you free stock when you register with a friends link. Very similar to what Uber does with their refer a friend bonus. My link is below. You can use it or use a friends. Happy investing! http://share.robinhood.com/mattheg1149

  3. Anthony Sim Anthony Sim

    He didn't explain how strength in numbers could help out in the end.

  4. Liberté Equalité Fraternité Liberté Equalité Fraternité


  5. Jonathan Keeler Jonathan Keeler

    A poor millennials guide …

    Yeah make sure that you are buying your gold physically …

  6. Frank Scalice Frank Scalice

    I managed to save about 50k in my bank account over the last 4 years and I'm only 25. you bitches suck at saving !

  7. ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

    Don't bother with student loan debt. It's a bubble ready to pop. Delay payments as long as you can, challenge the loan's legitimacy, because most of these loans were not handled right.

  8. Lediopolis x Lediopolis x

    The case for gold seems to be this insane doomsday scenario where society has collapsed. In that case, there are a lot bigger issues than the value of your gold or the state of the economy lol pointless investment

  9. jacmar44 jacmar44

    You cant invest anything if you don't have money left over after spending for your monthly necessities, or if it's a pittance that's left over. A good tip is to move out of expensive areas of the country, especially if you're in a crappy paid job. In the UK for example, you will get very similar wages after university for both London and Leeds/Manchester/Sheffield, which are far far cheaper.

  10. FromBoomTown FromBoomTown

    forbes cares about millenials lol. Cause no ones buying all the shit companies make. Enjoy your layoffs boomer idiots.

  11. T Khosh T Khosh

    "so that WHEN you are unable and unwilling to work in the future" huh old man you talkin shit?

  12. Stefan Alexander Stefan Alexander

    worst advice ever

  13. restescry restescry

    "700$ for rent" "Big populations need somwhere to live" "Going for you". Yeeeah…….


    Is this guy really suggesting I buy gold bars. Somone doesn't understand what a millennials is.

  15. Alex Tkachev Alex Tkachev

    you forgetting about dividents

  16. Bio Bio

    I'm a poor millennial, I'll just go ahead and invest the $0 I have left by next payday. investing is not for 'poor millennials' it's for middle class millennials.


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